The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Silence Gives Birth To Sound

Silence gives birth to Sound – The Geometry and Divisions in Space give birth to Thought/Forms.

Whatever exists does so for the purpose of existing as what it is busy be-ing.

There is intention and and there is also the reason or cause of the intention in the heart and/or mind of the One-aspect-of-being-consciousness doing the intending…we can tell ourselves a story about the ‘why’ of events and experiences. And it would only ever be a story as we/human beings have the power to color our worlds with a brush stroke of personal and also what we believe is universal understanding….”Yes,” might be the only answer to every question. If this is true how or in what way will you form your question?

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We Live In An Explosion

We may exist within the image of a slowed down ‘explosion’ of infinite thoughts making up the One Eternal Thought. Every form and version of everything, every concept existing in less than an instant – within an infinitesimal amount of time/no time. Slowed down only within the mental construct of a seeming chronological duration: a facility for experience and understanding. The now-ness stretched out for our benefit, for our Love.

Simultaneously radiating, stretching light, outward, into the appearance of darkness – and collapsing, concentrating dark light into the appearance of visible light inward. The white-hole/black-hole, mirroring itself in both directions. Every potentiality realized, occupying the ‘same space.’  Born as imagined forms,  simulating  dimensions and realities. Unless experienced within the idea of time: not one thing has a beginning or a cause or an end –  there is only is-ness dancing in its various forms.  All thoughts are accessible to everyone, forever – whether day-dreamed or actualized as a living truth.

The Universe of Infinite Self plays at being all of this and also is limited by none of it. There is only One Thing that exists – The Self is all there is: unassociated Awareness playing at being conscious of Itself as form – as this or that or as you.


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What Is Thinking?

Thinking is imagining and life experiences are  Imagination crystallized. The invisible Substance-Light of all that is expands and lengthens to create the appearance of space and contracts to birth visible light into forms. The sense of time and transitions, these are also objects in Imagination. Electric records of unassociated Supreme Being-ness expressing Itself as patterned materializations, infinite beyond number. Everything happens at once, in the one and only eternal moment. A supra-temporal explosion of immaculate conceptualizing, stretched and threaded out for us within the thought of time. It further weaves together a blended idea of breadth, length and height, contrasting itself into a tapestry of illimitable creations.

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Abracadabra Part II

Abracadabra = Avrah KaDabra (Aramaic) = Aberah KeDaber (Hebrew)  = Ara Kara (Tamil) = I will create as I speak.


Part II

The Creator/the focuser and the focusing of Infinity entertains thoughts ‘inwardly’ and without end. The appearance of the same thoughts, all versions of them, are like the mirror dots reflected outwardly. The One Is-ness reflects itself
repeatedly, each thought-idea recorded in the appearance of senses, forms and feelings. No space or time to exist is
required because unassociated mind is the fulcrum of existence. It could be said, then, that all realities occupy the
same space-time locale but it’s just not always obvious.

Reflections can be reorganized, to create or re-focus Infinity in any fashion. In fact, it’s not even that the dots have to be reordered. Because everything is already eternally true. Possible because the No-thing in which everything lives is also true, allowing space within Imagining  for everything to be all at once. Time is only a facility or another concept for the allowance of change within the experience of maya or mind. Its companion is space and is the vehicle for the forms. Yet this explanation is only one possible system for understanding – it’s only a language of metaphors.

Only Consciousness – what one is conscious or aware of – is what tends to be changeful. Everything being eternally true all at once means it is really only ever the focus of a mind that changes, rather than Reality itself. We could say that refocusing the details of what we observe within Infinite Creation is a reality shift. All of it is present & available right now. We tend to only see what the mind makes real through the medium of attention. Time is not real as it is just another concept. This means that even when an event seems to occur before we ever think about it we cannot rely on the appearance of a chronological order of happenings.

It may be that no one person is dreams himself or his life experiences into being but rather is being dreamed instead. Imaginings within imaginings, each Is-ness aware in it’s own unique way. The Unseen, unsensed Real Reality in which everything expresses may be the only constant. It might be impossible to  define effectively in mental-verbal terms.

Whatever we think we experienced, good or bad, it happened and also did not happen. Because everything that ever was, is or will be exists as an idea outside of space-time. Where we think our focus was is what we think we remember. But every other possiblity is also equally true.  Due to all thoughts being equally weightless unless we experience and acknowledge a body/form for them and then call that body: Reality. Which is only another concept or misconception covering the only One thing that is real.

If it does not seem to come forth naturally, we can cultivate or realize the ability to see through the thoughts covering of whatever it is that we think we’re witnessing. Because everything we believe we are not aware of, everything we wish for, it is always hidden in the present moment of isness, a.k.a., The Presence. Each one of us, each human being is the experience of the Now moment, though only phenomenally.  It is the phenomenal world of thoughts that makes up the world – however we see it. The covering that lives on top of the Real Reality. Thinking is the same as Imagining.  The substance of or medium for thoughts can be called ‘mind.’ and it is invisible until it’s infinitesimally tiny ‘units’ are condensed into form(s).

Wisdom has often said that all true and authentic power exists within and resides in The Now or the current isness. Loving what always is – The Real Reality (which is never exclusive and therefore always all inclusive) is one of the many paths to paradise-on-earth.  It’s a kingdom or realm that  is always in our midst. And what we might call God or Supreme Being – a noun and a verb – can be the Self we love and know as our wonderful, the wonderful, phenomenally reporting  Imagination: Eternal, Intelligent, Invisible, Infinite.

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Abracadabra Part I

Abracadabra = Avrah KaDabra (Aramaic) = Aberah KeDaber (Hebrew)  = Ara Kara (Tamil) = I will create as I speak.


Part I

Thinking might seem to occur within the bounds of time but it does not. For time is a mental construct. A concept  we give a name to. The activity of Thinking or Thought is any ‘disturbance’ of pure Is-ness. This is the nature the Mind or Maya (Illusion).

All movement in consciousness is a thought, no matter its form. Now we don’t have to wonder how, why or if a thought happens before an event occurs. There is no such thing as ‘before’ or ‘after.’ There is only eternal isness. Any time experienced or believed in is also a part of thinking or imagining. It’s the same as speaking (literally or metaphorically) and as remembering or believing in something as real or false. All Imagination happens at once within Eternity. Consciousness is the only One that moves within the appearance of a divided Self.

Whether I think it or say it out loud, whether I smell or experience it in any way – whatever it is – can be understood to be a communication between the imagined self and the Total Self. It’s all the same thing regarding the focusing of Infinity. The only object that ever moves is perspective.

A transition is also an object or thought, another form of movement which can seem to lead to events or reoccurrences. Even things that appear continuous might be considered to be slowly transitioning objects: a human body-form in its growth from infancy into adulthood and ageing. Also a city, a planet, etc.

Each thing or form of is-ness is like a radio transmission on a repeater, flashing on and off and pulsing outwardly through a duration of intervals.  All experiences, all things are only records of ideas. Not the ideas themselves. In that sense no-thing is real since all mental architecture, for all intents and purposes, is invisible.

Every word, each idea ‘made flesh’ begins its life as an ‘immaculate conception.’ And ‘the flesh’ it’s made of is the substance of pure, invisible consciousness. Next, it becomes an associated consciousness or being-ness. In other words: it has attributes – a  disturbance or distortion (a shadow) of pure Isness.  Money, people, flowers, and the invisible wind – a star or a stone: each is only a record of Imagining.

Affecting a new experience can mean replacing the message (thought) being transmitted via the repeater.  If we piggy-back a preferred idea onto the fuel of an emotion a new appearance can eventually present itself.

The  infinitesimally small ‘mirror dots’  of isness which gel together to make up a reality are both portals and spheres (invisible ‘inward’ concepts simultaneously reflected ‘outward’ visibly). It’s as if there is only one thing moving/imagining so fast that it conceptualizes inwardly and mirrors out forms, appearing  to be all things at once. It can also seem to be a myriad of constructs materializing over days, months or aeons. Without mental or physical movement or relationships between things time and existence would not be. No one thing could be differentiated from another.
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Abracadabra  – Avrah KaDabra (Aramaic) – Aberah KeDaber (Hebrew)  = I will create/creation as I speak.

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Universal Laws, Suffering, Depression & Faith

Do Universal Laws exist? Is there only one True Law?

If there is a real Universal Principle it would have to work for everyone – no matter their state of being or awareness. Such cosmic law would have to function consistently. It would not depend on Yoga postures, feeling good, strong or whether or not a man could walk or was confined to a bed. It wouldn’t depend on a belief in a God or Gods of any kind.

Happiness or having faith over direct experience may not be a requirement for creating because the Focusing of Infinity appears to happen anyway, regardless of state of mind, intention or lack thereof. Whether a person appreciates what they are experiencing or not. Any non-negotiable axiom would have to be just as true for a depressed or anxiety ridden personality as it would be for the most serene yogi or most trusting and faithful priest.

Feeling great might appear to be a required key or the only key to the ‘front door’ of conscious reality shifting. But even if that were true there are also keys for back and side door entries, too.

All things, great or infinitesimal, appear to resonate as frequencies. Forms (= thought-forms) are not only energized, through a kind of centering. They are also consciously created creations of the Totality of Being and, mind-wise, are aware at ‘levels’. They want to ‘live,’ to experience life with whoever or whatever may be seeking them. Meaning they, too, are seekers. Each concept dances musically to the tune of its song. Creating (focusing) harmonics that range from the ever d/evolving simple to the ever d/evolving complex. This is true in physical, ‘3-D’ worlds and, additionally, in Worlds Beyond.

Thought = Frequency Locale

Physical Feeling/Sensation Imagined = Frequency Locale

Emotion = Frequency Locale

Thought + Feeling/Senses + Emotion = Frequency Locale

Frequency Locale = Electro-magnetic octaves/songs = sympathetic resonance matching/tuning into an experience [manifestation/materialization/crystallization]

If we don’t like what is experienced there are options.

Sometimes an emergency of mood happens.  If there is, literally, no aid available in a moment or if there is a waiting  period before assistance is able to arrive the following steps might be helpful.

[for adults who are knowingly responsible for their choices and who have previously discussed the following steps with their physician]:

1) Find a safe place to sit, stand or lie down.

2) Breathe normally, comfortably and, while breathing is continued normally, be as still as possible otherwise.

3) Relax to the best of your ability while you breathe, continuing to remain as still as possible. Do your best to not judge or weigh any thoughts or fidgeting that may happen as you shift into relaxation.

4) Continue to breathe and relax, as you  practice the activity of stillness, until assistance arrives.  Or, if there is no help available, until you understand that the immediacy of the mood emergency has passed.

Know that the stillness of this exercise can sometimes lead to seemingly miraculous outcomes. Even the ‘act’ of moving into stillness & remaining there for a duration can unveil, for the personality, a new sense of self-identity.     Because, now and again, what appears as inner-action or as Wei Wu Wei – the activity of conscious  non-doing –  can be quietly powerful & effective in what may have been an unimagined fashion. Even – at times – for individuals who have believed the only way to shift an experience is to take determined, outer action. This may not always be true.  It’s also possible that inspired activity in the world or a combination of doing + non-doing can be commanding as well.

Note: Sometime after help has arrived,  after calmness & safety are clearly evident, consider adding, to the listed steps, wisdom from the original version of  The Master Key, by Charles Haanel.  The original version of this book is now  in the public domain and is available, free of charge, for download @ Google Books.

In a non-emergency the practice of  reality shifting can be fun.  There are numerous ways to make use of the tools of mind and thoughts to refocus one’s phenomenally perceived existence.  The e-motion [energy/concepts oscillating/in motion] of concentrated physical feelings or senses and new Imaginings can also be effectual. Borrow the sense-feelings from a past event, an anticipated future or parallel existence . Immerse the Self in a daydream. It is automatically brought into the only moment there is: The Presence of Be-ing or Is-ness. Consider it a new present-memory stream.

It’s because Nothing is true that Everything can be true – for the reason that there is no such thing as time or space. There are only eternally available ideas which sometimes get ‘pushed out’ as reality. Changefulness occurs only in awareness. We move through concepts more than we move through any realness of chronological forms of being (including ideas of time itself).

Mirror-worlds of light shadows may be all we ever see. Dancing metaphors projected as the bodies and worlds we think we are, onto the inner atmo-spheres of our Being. Because the universe is Our body – a case of mistaken identity –  which is also Love disguised. Not sourced in Mind but rather in a universal hypnosis that is neither good or bad in a Dreaming lived by the Invisible Totality of Self.


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Is Money The Root Of Evil?

Is it possible that invisible Light can masquerade – when embodied in form – as cause to treat other human beings in ways that contribute to the suffering of self or another? If so, can it ever be true that money is evil?

Maybe it’s only thoughts we purchase about money that make it sometimes seem like a bad thing. Perhaps this includes assumptions we take for truth about facts and people we think we know and their apparent relationship with financial mediums of exchange. How we experience our own economic affairs might also materialize as reflections offered to us by ‘others,’  for better or worse.

If we perceive various and different individuals or companies as the true source of financial security in a life it can inform the nature of the world we call our own.  Also, if there is a belief that another human being or institution owes us funds scenarios can happen that can fool us into easily liking, disliking or hating them.

Thoughts may then be exchanged, from there, for ones that become an excuse to treat others well or badly. It has often followed that this nurtures reasons for seeing other humans as being less than deserving of anything good. Not the least of which is an offer of the truth about love.  Trances of concepts can mesmerize a believer, covering the radiance of individuals they are looking at but not actually seeing. This can be synonymous with it helping to cover their own light of mind.

Another light-angle may illuminate shadowed spaces, revealing that it’s beliefs about money which can lead to certain menacing or suffering behaviors in society.

What if financial assets and funds were a metaphor, a representation for only one part of a person’s internal sense of self –  something only they themselves could discern the meaning of?  Or someone who knows that there is only One of us here. What if all earthly dramas, money related or otherwise,  were really only that One Self disguised?

It may help to consider that an alternative word for ‘evil’ is ‘dual’ or ‘duality.’  A trance of seeming division between person A and person B. One being-ness divided into the apparent materialization of many things, including person A and person B or group or culture A and  B.  Additionally, there can be an exhibition of forms of resources, proof and sequences of events to support the story.  Even the spaces that appear between all of these can contribute to making it seem true.

When infinite being is focused in the form of money and people possibilities for interactions and opportunities abound. We may only ever be looking at the One existence – but that one thing takes on a multitude of forms so it may experience itself infinitely. This can lead to a forgetting of the One as the many.

All appearances of all conditions and discrete objects (including transitions) can be known as being a singular reality camouflaged.  When this is recognized a new world is unveiled. One in which a person can no longer be as easily hypnotized into accepting a seeming objective experience at face value. Weights and decisions can still happen, if needed, within a scenario. But they will come from a mind balanced by the heart. When this is true present-time events can be traded for the Presence of Is-ness of whatever is being witnessed in a moment of awareness. And what that is, it is every-thing and it exists outside of time.


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