The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Everything is as it should be….Everything is right….Everything happens for a reason….

Some people have asked how each of these statements could be true without contradicting each other. But do they contradict each other?

What if each person, upon hearing these words agreed on their definitions in part but not in their entirety. Confusion and disagreements could certainly ensue.

Words – once spoken, written or published as gospel – exist with the possibility of becoming fixed, frozen in time. No longer malleable. But what if what we have believed as non-negotiable truth [as real] is not only malleable but also entirely changeable?

The universe works in some ways that are still quite mysterious and in other ways that we believe are known.  And each of the statements above are very much in alignment with at least one popular concept: the law or principle-of-attraction.

Let’s address them one at a time.

Everything is as it should be:

It may be the word “should” that might not work for everyone. But as the underlying mechanisms and laws of universe are working, our human input and/or interactions within the universe are existing within this context: the universal machine is working perfectly, without judgement or bias. Like a perfect computer – data in (our input) = results out.

So whether or not we are feeling an appreciation for what we are experiencing in life, everything is working perfectly, the universal computer is on task. And therefore everything is at is should be when we are looking at our conditions, experiences and outcomes. It is up to us to work with the machine more consciously, if we want a shift in our reality, so that we may work with it in ways that result in joyous be-ing, in a joyous life.

Everything is right:

Everything is right does not necessarily mean that everything is good or wonderful or fair in any kind of obvious way. It simply means, in terms of the principle-of-attraction, that everything is reflected perfectly back from the input source. This can be thought in the form of a belief, mental blueprint or identity sense .

Imagine standing inside a very immense tapestry-like, cloth-sphere. All around you is this super-large, blank canvas, surrounding you in every direction. This is a magic canvas because every concept you claim, every belief – whether it is deemed conscious or subconscious – it projected onto that canvas, creating a 3-dimensional, moving tapestry that is, actually becomes your life. Everything is then right – by accurately projecting the input onto the screen of awareness.

Everything happens for a reason:

In this case “reason” just means “cause.” Everything happens as the result of a first cause – a thought in the form of a belief, intention or identity sense pushed out as reality. In this way there is always a reason. But it is not about judgment or punishment from ‘out there’ or an ego-plagued, all mysterious, wrathful god. But rather the interweaving of vibrations or frequencies which materialize as the ‘reality’ of  an individuated consciousness – the details of which are determined by dominant mental blueprints. This is what creates or designs a subjective world. And it is the same thing that can be used, with focused intention, to recreate or design a new subjective world.



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