The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Thought, Feeling & Emotion vs. Action

Thought, Feeling & Emotion vs. Action

Are their mixed messages about the level of importance taking external action has when we are consciously intending a new experience? Some say outer-world action is mandatory and might even become angry at the suggestion that this might not be true. A handful of others offer that it’s inner action that creates real shifts in an intender’s reality, regardless of whether or not action is taken in the external world. Still there are teachers who say a midpoint between these two perspectives is all that can ever work. Which view point  is true?

In “Autobiography of a Yogi“, by Paramhansa Yogananda, miracles occur – which could very well obliterate any believer’s attachment to the idea that anything more than cursory inner action [i.e., simply being clear and aware of intention] is required in order to consciously manifest anything. For someone who has committed to the experience of creating what appear to be such miracles-at -will long, drawn out practices or multi-stepped mental exercises might be child’s play, a waste of time even, if wasting time was actually possible.

It also seems evident that not all consistent, conscious manifesters are yogis or full time renunciates. Some people have made use of stepping stones to get to this place in their awareness and abilities and others just seem to be lucky – all the time lucky.

This suggests that the answer to whether or not external action is required is:

it depends…

perhaps on [and including but never limited to]:

Choices, beliefs, experience & the relationship with one’s awareness of being . Before that being-ness tends to be qualified by any external qualities that can be named or identified.


universal principles, universal laws, conscious creating, reality shifting, many-worlds, inter-dimensional, autobiography of a yogi


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