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Cavorting With Symbols

There are an infinite number of ways and means to actively and/or deliberately cultivate the experiences we desire – in order to see them evidenced in our 3-D world. Including  a simple, powerful method: using symbols.

Think of any desire, anything you wish to know first hand. Once you have done this imagine any symbol that feels easy and good to you that represents your wish. Whether that wish is a thing, an condition, a feeling….

Your symbol can be something that literally exists or something that exists imagined. Something you’ve seen in life, in magazine or movie. You may want to choose something that is not often viewed (by you and/or others) just to keep it interesting. And whatever sign you decide to make use of, it can relate to your wish in an obvious way – but it does not have to.   As long as it has meaning for you.

As you commit to this symbol, giving it personal meaning, it begins to resonate with the same vibration as your deliberate creation. Every time you think of it, every time you see it, it is not only a reminder of what is is that you are intending – but it is also a message that you are only a fraction of a millimeter, vibrationally, away from it being evidenced in your reality.

You may see this initial symbol only once, as Steve Pavlina mentions in his article about manifesting and alpha- reflections. He writes about his own experience of symbolic messages [that he doesn’t necessarily choose, in this case] showing up in the form of a “noticeable synchronicity.” Or you may see them, whatever they are, a few or many times before you experience your preferred reality.

You can combine playing with symbols with any other manifestation tools that feel in line with your intentions.
Of primary importance is that whatever you choose, it is a symbol that you like and can make use of, in your own mind and heart, with ease.

Some people have asked whether or not it is important to remain private about setting intentions as well as the methods used. Many deliberate creators choose to keep their creative processes wholly private. Perhaps sharing them once the manifestation is evidenced. If you are feeling uncertain about what you should do you may want to first ask yourself:  Does the person require ‘strings attached’ or that favors be traded? What it is you want to ‘get’ from telling others? Why do you want to or feel the need to receive whatever that particular thing is from them?

Choosing to share your intentions (or not) is always a personal decision.  If you discern that those you want to tell are like minded or that they can, in an honest and pure way, assist you in you goals then those may be points to consider.

Beyond this you can weigh the pros and cons for yourself with each objective you commit to. This can help to insure that whatever your decision, it is the right path for you at that time.


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