The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

The Secret Of Time

The Now, All ways, The EverNow. Even Eckhart Tolle discusses this concept in his lauded literary work, “The Power of Now.”

What is the secret? Are these just words above? New-age concepts fueled by madness? Spiritualized arrogance? Possibly not.

Intention-Manifestation wisdom, The Law Of Attraction and all of their ‘conceptual cousins’ teach that the secret of time is our friend. 20th century visionary, Neville Goddard, taught that even the past can be re-ordered, re-created better, more lovingly so that we may heal our present time life experience. But how it this possible? What is the basis for this seeming wild notion?

Each person, each thing, formed and unformed is a point of consciousness. A point of awareness of [greater] Mind. Awareness of Being something formed or not formed, conceived or not conceived, pure potentiality. Couple this with the model of the Holographic Universe (or multi-verse) and we may have a powerful combination.

Time may be a tool that allows us to experience thought/physical feeling/emotion & vibrational resonance and the resultant creation/manifestation. If we really are gods-in-training, as Dr. Albert Taylor suggests, then this might make sense.

If time is only a tool then it could be a limited model for the way things occur in life, in part anyway. The secret of understanding time may help to raise us up and away from these constraints so that we may have a more accurate glimpse of how ‘reality’ might be actualized.

If the ‘All ways’ is all there is and thought is the basis of reality then all that has been, is and will be in all of its potentially infinite permutations already exists. No past, no future, just Now. The power of Now. And if we can be aware of this then all things, already existing, are available to us via our focused thought and/or feeling and/or vibration, if we are experiencing a reality we do not prefer. All of the same law of attraction tools that we use to change our present-time experiences can be applied to the past or the future. Same tools, different ‘time focus.’

Many teachers, like Goddard, have offered us free tools with a specialized focus . But even these actions always occur in the Now because no matter what pain we have experienced in the past or what our hopes are for the future [or our present] all of this is accessible to us right now. Everything we need or desire, for whatever purpose we put forth into Creation, exists for us in the only moment and point of consciousness that exists.


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