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The Backpacker’s Guide To Heaven On Earth

Sample text from the new tiny primer:
The Backpacker’s Guide To Heaven On Earth

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by Roxanne

Peering Into A New World

Why has it been said that the consciousness/imagining of something is the same as actually having it?

I believe this is rooted in the awareness certain teachers had of probable realities. Somewhere in the field our desire is already true. And what we want is to merge with it vibrationally.

Will ‘having it’ make a difference? Some teachers say that having is the same as imagining and that  the answer is, no. This response may be incomplete. From the perspective and understanding of the nature of Mind [reality], subject and object are one.  But via the experience of contrast things manifested can be touched and felt in the heart and/or physically in a differentiated way. If you crystallize a brand new car, for instance, it’s okay to acknowledge that now you can drive, feel or smell it or show it to a friend.

The imagining of it can be likened to seeing a picture of your new reality through a window. Having it in the physical, 3-D world can be seen as it being with you in the same room.

How does this work?

The substance of the universe, the fabric of the field is much like a multidimensional canvas. This canvas is neutral, like a void, and requires input or data – like a computer – in order for anything to be manifested within the folds of its elegance. This data comes from Source and then by extension also through us [observers/experiencers].

Thoughts and intention are reflected back to us on this canvas. Light reflecting light into eternity. Think of suns: are they stars or portals? How many different kinds of sight do the various physical beings of earth have? Humans, snakes, spiders, birds, an octopus?….in3-D, 2-D. What of creatures that have two eyes, one eye, six or eight? Which spectrum of light do we or the animals observe? So many ways to experience and see.

When we are physically observing something photons, particles of light, move [or are detected] from the ‘object’ we are focusing on to our eyes and through the lenses. From there the data is collected via the retinas and the electrical signals move along neurons to the brain center responsible for the experience of vision. When we are seeing a thing we are experiencing not a translation of a static material object but rather the effect of our interpretation of light. We can observe the brightest day in the most beautiful place and it is the result of our own interpretation of the photons we imagine exist around us via our brains, the interface of Mind in our physical plane.


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