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Natural Time & The Nature Of Reality

What is natural time?

I see it as perceiving time for what it really may be, at least in part, as there is always more to discover.

Commonly, we either appreciate time [the stretched out version of it] or we don’t depending on the circumstance. But what if time was, in truth, really one of the best friends we could ever have in 3-D reality? What if time was a gift that insured we remained aware of what it is we are creating in our experience so that we would always have the psychological room to be proficient at making conscious changes in our lives?

We have talked about the Now or the eternal Always in the 03.01.08 post, The Secret of Time.
What else about time would be helpful to know?  Probably a lot. Let’s continue this thought stream with the following and see how it feels:

In the book, “The Holy Science,” Sri Yukteswar gives us a refreshing view of the nature of intervals and ages. He offers to us a treatise on cycles that can not only assist us in being more present – but which also can help us to intend manifestations with more certainty, clarity and trust in the Divine.

He shares with us that vibration [resonance of thoughts, emotions and other tools of creation] introduces the idea of change which is time. Seen in this way we can be relieved of the burden of defining time in any kind of disempowering fashion. If change is time and the physical world is just another (albeit possibly more ‘dense’) layer of the mental dimensions then we can know it’s true that all we ask for is already ours instantly.  And all that is happening is that the receiving of [completely knowing] our new materializations is only sometimes slowed by the filters of our awareness. As if we were wearing tinted eye glasses that don’t allow us to see colors in all of their fullness – or as if we’re watching the movie of our lives in slow motion. All of the data is there, we just haven’t yet experienced it in it’s entirety.

Everything that has existed, does exist and will exist is already so in the Always. Including all of these same coordinate points of reality in all of their infinitely possible permutations. This is also true of every thing that could be real.

It’s all happening right now. What we experience, as individuated, multi-dimensional, awarenesses-of-being has everything to do with what frequencies of experiences we are matching along the stream of psychological time – which in a large sense is subjective.

To simplify this idea, using a planet as a starting model: imagine that concepts of reality [dreams, ideas, wishes, relationships, ice cream flavors, emotions…] are each like many topographically mapped islands covering nearly the whole of the planet, your own personal planet of what-is-real. Which hovers in the dimension of all ways. Give the islands the same color or family of colors, if that helps to see them more clearly. I often like to use autumn hues, which I find quite soothing – variegations of earth toned browns, tans, yellows, reds and oranges. You can give each island a single color if you’d like. Or dapple each of them with more than one.

Every individual, roughly-concentric island of contour lines, from higher to lower elevation, represents a probable conceptual point in existence. The ones that fall away from our awareness [that are flat or dip below sea level ] do not exist for us – or at least do not affect us even if we know about them. The islands that rise towards us, reaching mightily for our attention, result in our reality. Sometimes these actualizations seem to be shared with others and sometimes not.

All probabilities exist Now, in natural time [awareness of the nature of],  which may be a happier circumstance than feeling we are only at the mercy of cycles. The flattened islands are essentially invisible to us while the elevated ones are what we see, feel and experience. But every island is quite real to the tourist.

A practice that can help bring in our preferred materializations is to assign a desire to an imagined topographical isle. Things we want to materialize can be seen, in that form, as rising towards us, remaining high and balanced in a fixed position. Anything we wish to have dematerialize we can imagine as a topographical island that remains flat or sinks well below sea level. Practice this technique as often as it feels right to you [one or a few desires at a time] in order to feel they have imprinted upon you in a way you’d like.


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