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Waiting For The Experience of Perfection

Whatever you do, don’t wait for life to seem perfect before following your bliss. There may be times that feel uninspired and that can make things difficult. However, even if we take only one or two baby steps in the direction of our dreams the uncertain-self will have much less control of our actions and choices. Eventually it will give up trying to run things and we are then that much closer to a more heavenly experience of life on the earth.

We have discussed concepts of time in Natural Time & The Nature Of Reality and other posts. Where we consider that we may discover new realities when choosing to redefine what time is. If all experiences – current and probable ones included – always occur in the Now & in all ways then ultimately the ‘when’ of our choosing to take an action or make a new decision does not have to be linear in logic. This doesn’t mean to ignore intuition or to spend all the money you are aware of having on shoes when the gas bill is due. But what it does mean is that even when there’s no end to suffering in obvious sight we can still do what may appear to be a very small thing which can lead to the ease of a next step and/or result in great change for the better.

We might take up a new meta-spiritual practice or begin reading a new book. When we do that it’s possible that even after only a few sentences or days of practicing a new technique that there would be enough of a code key activation to experience a whole new reality of being.


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