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Removing Our Awareness From The Time Line

There is no such thing as time.

If we consider the potential of this supposition of thought it may be true that removing our awareness from the time line can instantly remove problems. Why would this be so? Because if we look at what worries or concerns us it’s almost always obvious how much of what we deem as ‘a problem’ we are placing outside of the Now moment [the only moment that is]. Painful memories appear to reach out for us from the past [the past-Now]. Or we are resigned to what is perceived as the power of a future event [the future-Now] which we fear or believe is inevitable and possible.

This enters into the territory of The Law of Polarity. This is the interpretation of a universal function that invites us to make practical use of an awareness. One that reveals, among other things that, should we want to have or replace a certain experience we can indeed move into the new thing. This, by shifting and decreasing awareness from where we do not wish to be [internally or externally] to perceiving where we would like to find ourselves. We can replace undesired aspects of being with something we consciously choose [for the purposes of a specific intention] by moving into emotional-mental neutrality. Or by moving directly into the imaging/imagining of what it is we prefer. These two practices can also be combined. First by cultivating neutrality in mind and heart – and then, once there, moving into the positive or rather the polarity representing what it is we are wanting. There are techniques that can aid us in this work which will be discussed in a future posting.

But one way we can start is by ‘getting still’ with our own presence. Meaning, while breathing normally, comfortably and easily, sit or lie down and become as still as you can [except for the breathing] for 5 minutes. Do this, in a relaxed manner, for a week and you may find yourself wanting to add more time to this practice. It is one way we can help transport ourselves into a vibrational frequency that is sympathetic to the change we are wanting to know. This can contribute greatly to the start of removing our experiences from the time line. Because with an increased frequency signature comes a natural arising of the replacement of the old with the new [or reconfigured]. Sometimes in ways that appear to be miraculous – or in other words: in a fashion that has nothing to do with time and/or a linear or logical progression.

How can this be received as “instant?” It may first be experienced as a fresh feeling and/or the flow of thoughts that correspond to the intention we put forth. Sometimes it may present as a new staging that materializes quite quickly. A helpful point to remember may be that time is the Now stretched out in our awareness within the infinite construct of Mind. Anything we intend materializes instantly as a state of awareness somewhere in Consciousness. And we can move to it, this new state, similarly in mental concept to how we may move from The United States to Italy. We are capable of this via the recognition of a ‘real’ and ‘true’ experience by various means. Including but not limited to the inner action of ignoring what our senses many be telling us about the old or non-preferred state. And then remembering, in present time, that which we prefer. We can practice this exercise in any non-emergency situation for a few minutes or longer [in an emergency we will take the path of least resistance to remove ourselves]. Whatever feels right to us at the time.

The only thing between what we perceive as the division of us from our dreams is our beliefs and activity within the projection of time. Imagine removing this sheath of time [which many of us have believed is closer than our breath] and what does that feel like?


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