The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Where Do Thoughts Come From?

Do human beings have original thoughts sourced only from the individuated mind? Does the mind exists inside the brain? What are the most liberating answers you have found to these questions?

We are invited to consider the Australian Aboriginal story of how life began in the idea of The Dreamtime – where at least 2 streams of reality exist: one, the objective experience and activity and another in back of it which is the infinite, cyclical template informing the nature of all aspects of life.

There are other versions of this story within cultures all around the globe. And many say it is not a just a story at all – but rather that it’s really a shared memory of all peoples living on the planet, of which, many interpretations exist.

If the Dimensionally Larger Inner World projects light shadows outwardly, materializing our external world, what comes before that? Possibly many things. Including that thoughts may not belong only to the individual. This has nothing to do with mind-control – but instead could be something holographic or fractal-like in consciousness and nature. If we believe in infinities then even the most timeless aspect of existence lives somewhere’ in the field of all that is, experiencing its own being-ness as a seed and, simultaneously as mature in form. Even if this somewhere is, ultimately, non-local. If whatever or whoever initiated all of existence is some form of consciousness, experiencing every human being, every world and all things in all the universes as a dream then we can imagine that every single one of us is born to dream as well. And [among other reasons] to help in the telling of the eternal story of the creation.

We might actually live and move as ‘wrinkles’ of consciousness in the infinite, multidimensional Mind of an unfathomable being – a larger Self which we ourselves are made in the image of regarding how we function and how our experiences come to be. Mind [the larger or M-Mind] may be a key to understanding our own hidden nature. Understanding its boundless aspects, specialized in the form of an individuated human m-mind or micromind in its various permutations.

Try saying the following, out loud or silently:

You Are being: your-self
He Is being: him-self
She Is being: her-self
I AM being: my-self
I AM being: your-self
I AM being: him-self
I AM being: her-self

“Being” is both a noun and a verb. Therefore, even as a concept by itself it is already multi-dimensional.

Within this paradigm imagination becomes the fuel. Everything we see, feel and experience is our thoughts pushed out into tangible existence. Whether or not they stem from mental blueprints that we are aware of. The universe is our body. Originating from a source that came from before the very first expression outward – of which we are in integral aspect, the all being in the all.

Thoughts – all thoughts – can be conceptualized as objects in space. Whether represented literally or symbolically. Infinite patterns – infinite, narrow, electro-magnetic streams of imagination streak past us above our heads, next to us or wherever and however you sense them to be. But no matter their form they are eternally available, occupying the conveyance of space [allowing for form] and the facility of time [allowing for change] whenever they are experienced by anyone who is tuned in.

We can become aware of anything in imagination becoming real by being aware of it, recalling it, considering it or experiencing it [even if it’s ‘only’ on the television news.] Remembering even one link in the chain of how our thoughts are born before we become aware of them can help to eliminate the human condition of self-condemnation. Because if these are our thoughts then there is no one to blame and we can handle any disorder that may show up in our lives or in society with more wisdom. Leading to a more effective, practical means of management.

If you fall asleep and dream something unpleasant do you criticize yourself? If so how long do you hold on to judgement once you wake up into daytime? If the answer is, “not for long,” then treat the waking dream as you do the night-sleep dreams. Even if they appear to have crystallized into a reality. If something considered in your m-mind or experienced in your life is troubling release it, like a slippery fish, back into the pool of infinite thoughts streaming. As the memory of it fades or as your perspective shifts to a previously unremembered angle the weight of the world lifts.

If life, seen from our unique, individuated perspective, casts light shadows [thoughts pushed out] that make up our experiences then imagination can help us to change anything material. Thoughts, like furniture, can be replaced! It might require practice but it can become a delightful habit. Reorder the mind with new images and we skip frequencies, sliding sideways into whole new worlds. This means literally reconfiguring our vision: what we feel, see and experience. As we remember to remember the new-thing, it becomes a present-memory. We then tune into a whole new version of life. The implications are unlimited. Perhaps schools for both children and adults will look very different to us in the future. Maybe mental facilities, drug rehabilitation programs and hospitals as well as prisons [and even politics!] will also be very different. Beyond that the model of life could be so changed that it would seem like paradise-on-earth.


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