The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Divisions in Space

Every source of information, we are dreaming it, as it is none other than Infinite Self or God playing divinely at being ‘the other.’

From the ‘singular’ and whole perspective of the Unmanifest, Intelligent All there can be no judgment or weight to any one thing or condition over another. Everything that gets pushed out from the Nothingness is only ever a potentially differentiated fractal within an infinite pattern of being/non-being. Which also, beyond that identity, is ‘something’ that is neither.

Infinite akasha or fine space allows for the gross space that all celestial bodies move within and that exists between all forms of being. Each construction is mental and can be known as the appearance of frameworks of space within space as ideas give birth to thoughts without end.

Such qualities point in the direction of the nature of the Self. It is both personal and impersonal but that does not mean It’s not loving each one of us at at every moment – because, as James of The Wingmakers reminds us, our Creator is and always has been “benevolent and all wise.”

The internet is already made and now: where does it begin or end? What about the world or a physical human body? Does Imagination terminate or have a beginning in time or space?

Within the Infinite Pattern of Being all boundaries of form, at microscopic levels, seem to be untrue and unreal.  Atoms beget other atoms and before this appear only as geometrical and multidimensional divisions within and containing infinitely infinitesimal amounts of space. What is it that decides how we perceive these divisions as we move up the scale of familiar forms of what may look like differences within a reality, within a world?

As the sum of time and space, the  location of a condition or a thing  may be irrelevant if infinite creation exists at and also within every coordinate point of awareness, every center of experience (every person, every tree and atom…).

The Principle of Polarity offers that what appear to be opposites are only different degrees of the same thing. If this is also true of the multiplicity of all realized things then every particle-form occupies the ‘same space’ as all other versions of itself – which means it may be nowhere and everywhere all at the same ‘time.’  Only our awareness of light angles and rates of oscillation and spin ever changes – and this shifts our perception of the nature and quality of forms: the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of days, relationships, communications, automobile traffic flows, weather, money and consumer credit flow, human body shape and health, etc….In other words:  the information our inner senses discern from within the  Dimensionally Larger Inner World (Infinite Creation)  – which then get pushed out as ‘the world,’ masquerading as reality.

Considering the Principle of Vibration may additionally be helpful when intending a revised version of the individuated self-identity and world. Various and interesting constructs of mind help to explain how this might work.

Knowing that the frequency locales of all people, animals, relationships (and of every conceptualized thing) are non-local may mean that in every place we look exists the organizing principle for what?:  the availability of  forms we can actively choose to see as having materialized.  There is no such thing as objective time – but if there were we could say that what we see, at any point, it can only ever be the ‘past.’   Manifestation is then unveiled as being only the crystallization of what already exists within The Creator/Creation – the focusing of Infinity – within the version of the world we have believed in but are not limited to.

There would then be no need to attract or create realities. Understanding that there is already more than one of everything can mean tuning into (believing in) a preferred version of an experience is a much easier practice – as Neville Goddard promises us via his many treatises on the nature of being.


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