The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Abracadabra Part II

Abracadabra = Avrah KaDabra (Aramaic) = Aberah KeDaber (Hebrew)  = Ara Kara (Tamil) = I will create as I speak.


Part II

The Creator/the focuser and the focusing of Infinity entertains thoughts ‘inwardly’ and without end. The appearance of the same thoughts, all versions of them, are like the mirror dots reflected outwardly. The One Is-ness reflects itself
repeatedly, each thought-idea recorded in the appearance of senses, forms and feelings. No space or time to exist is
required because unassociated mind is the fulcrum of existence. It could be said, then, that all realities occupy the
same space-time locale but it’s just not always obvious.

Reflections can be reorganized, to create or re-focus Infinity in any fashion. In fact, it’s not even that the dots have to be reordered. Because everything is already eternally true. Possible because the No-thing in which everything lives is also true, allowing space within Imagining  for everything to be all at once. Time is only a facility or another concept for the allowance of change within the experience of maya or mind. Its companion is space and is the vehicle for the forms. Yet this explanation is only one possible system for understanding – it’s only a language of metaphors.

Only Consciousness – what one is conscious or aware of – is what tends to be changeful. Everything being eternally true all at once means it is really only ever the focus of a mind that changes, rather than Reality itself. We could say that refocusing the details of what we observe within Infinite Creation is a reality shift. All of it is present & available right now. We tend to only see what the mind makes real through the medium of attention. Time is not real as it is just another concept. This means that even when an event seems to occur before we ever think about it we cannot rely on the appearance of a chronological order of happenings.

It may be that no one person is dreams himself or his life experiences into being but rather is being dreamed instead. Imaginings within imaginings, each Is-ness aware in it’s own unique way. The Unseen, unsensed Real Reality in which everything expresses may be the only constant. It might be impossible to  define effectively in mental-verbal terms.

Whatever we think we experienced, good or bad, it happened and also did not happen. Because everything that ever was, is or will be exists as an idea outside of space-time. Where we think our focus was is what we think we remember. But every other possiblity is also equally true.  Due to all thoughts being equally weightless unless we experience and acknowledge a body/form for them and then call that body: Reality. Which is only another concept or misconception covering the only One thing that is real.

If it does not seem to come forth naturally, we can cultivate or realize the ability to see through the thoughts covering of whatever it is that we think we’re witnessing. Because everything we believe we are not aware of, everything we wish for, it is always hidden in the present moment of isness, a.k.a., The Presence. Each one of us, each human being is the experience of the Now moment, though only phenomenally.  It is the phenomenal world of thoughts that makes up the world – however we see it. The covering that lives on top of the Real Reality. Thinking is the same as Imagining.  The substance of or medium for thoughts can be called ‘mind.’ and it is invisible until it’s infinitesimally tiny ‘units’ are condensed into form(s).

Wisdom has often said that all true and authentic power exists within and resides in The Now or the current isness. Loving what always is – The Real Reality (which is never exclusive and therefore always all inclusive) is one of the many paths to paradise-on-earth.  It’s a kingdom or realm that  is always in our midst. And what we might call God or Supreme Being – a noun and a verb – can be the Self we love and know as our wonderful, the wonderful, phenomenally reporting  Imagination: Eternal, Intelligent, Invisible, Infinite.

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