The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Silence Gives Birth To Sound

Silence gives birth to Sound – The Geometry and Divisions in Space give birth to Thought/Forms.

Whatever exists does so for the purpose of existing as what it is busy be-ing.

There is intention and and there is also the reason or cause of the intention in the heart and/or mind of the One-aspect-of-being-consciousness doing the intending…we can tell ourselves a story about the ‘why’ of events and experiences. And it would only ever be a story as we/human beings have the power to color our worlds with a brush stroke of personal and also what we believe is universal understanding….”Yes,” might be the only answer to every question. If this is true how or in what way will you form your question?


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