The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

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1. Q: What inspired you to start the Ideopede blog?

A: Suffering, really – the kind that has been experienced, commonly, by many people the world over… My questions about why it was happening only intensified over time.  I thought, at one point, that if I was actually still alive I might die anyway – unless I could find a way to uncover something hopeful about the nature of the world and of reality: I wondered if there were seams in it… When answers began to emerge I realized I wanted to keep a record of what was coming through for later reference. Eventually, sharing what appeared to be responses to my questions seemed the right thing to do.

2. Q: Do you think suffering is just a part of life? Something that can’t be avoided?

A: I don’t believe suffering is a requirement that must be endured in order to try to understand the nature of Life and Cause. People have different experiences. Other forms and less extreme degrees of contrast can be helpful, too.

I consider that there are people who seem, for the most part,  to have been able to live a life free from suffering. In history and even today. This from within a framework natural to them. Sometimes this has been the result of an unexpected, spontaneous shift in awareness.

It seems possible, along these lines,  to make use of the heart-mind complex in ways that can be helpful to the modern day householder. There are people living today who are gifted with the desire to assist others in understanding certain fundamental principles for that reason.  They may also offer to teach techniques or practices that support the same intention. This can be through books, workshops or scheduled talks they may give.

3. Q: How does the writing happen?

A: Sometimes it’s inspired by an unplanned and sudden rearrangement of the senses or sense data – a new focus in awareness. A kind of cosmic download. At other times concepts flow in a similar manner but are triggered by something I’ve heard, seen or read or dreamed about.

4. Q: Do you ever talk publicly about the ideas in your blog?

A: Not exactly. Discussions have happened with friends. Also, occasionally, with people I’ve met for the first time.

5. Q: How do you know the things you write about are true?

A: I have no idea if any of what I write about is true at all. I believe it may be closer to ‘true’ than where and how I’ve believed previously. But I do not consider myself an expert or world spokesperson on these matters. The writing is just what can happen when I ask questions I’d like answers to. Definitely not synonymous with it meaning they’re the right conclusions for everyone. For now they’re helpful to me on my walkabout. I publish on the chance the material may be helpful to others. 🙂

6. Q: How did you decide on the name, Ideopede? Where did it come from?

A: It showed up in a dream – a name title above an entrance of sorts, a doorway to worlds.

7. Q: Male or Female?

A: Female.

8. Q: How long have you been writing?

A: Since about the age of 9 or 10.

9. Q: City Mouse or Country Mouse?

A: I’ve been both! …currently living the life of a semi-suburban mouse residing near the edge of a city.

10. Q: Can you tell us what country you’re living in?

A: Sure!….USA, Pacific Northwest.


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