The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Abracadabra Part I

Abracadabra = Avrah KaDabra (Aramaic) = Aberah KeDaber (Hebrew)  = Ara Kara (Tamil) = I will create as I speak.


Part I

Thinking might seem to occur within the bounds of time but it does not. For time is a mental construct. A concept  we give a name to. The activity of Thinking or Thought is any ‘disturbance’ of pure Is-ness. This is the nature the Mind or Maya (Illusion).

All movement in consciousness is a thought, no matter its form. Now we don’t have to wonder how, why or if a thought happens before an event occurs. There is no such thing as ‘before’ or ‘after.’ There is only eternal isness. Any time experienced or believed in is also a part of thinking or imagining. It’s the same as speaking (literally or metaphorically) and as remembering or believing in something as real or false. All Imagination happens at once within Eternity. Consciousness is the only One that moves within the appearance of a divided Self.

Whether I think it or say it out loud, whether I smell or experience it in any way – whatever it is – can be understood to be a communication between the imagined self and the Total Self. It’s all the same thing regarding the focusing of Infinity. The only object that ever moves is perspective.

A transition is also an object or thought, another form of movement which can seem to lead to events or reoccurrences. Even things that appear continuous might be considered to be slowly transitioning objects: a human body-form in its growth from infancy into adulthood and ageing. Also a city, a planet, etc.

Each thing or form of is-ness is like a radio transmission on a repeater, flashing on and off and pulsing outwardly through a duration of intervals.  All experiences, all things are only records of ideas. Not the ideas themselves. In that sense no-thing is real since all mental architecture, for all intents and purposes, is invisible.

Every word, each idea ‘made flesh’ begins its life as an ‘immaculate conception.’ And ‘the flesh’ it’s made of is the substance of pure, invisible consciousness. Next, it becomes an associated consciousness or being-ness. In other words: it has attributes – a  disturbance or distortion (a shadow) of pure Isness.  Money, people, flowers, and the invisible wind – a star or a stone: each is only a record of Imagining.

Affecting a new experience can mean replacing the message (thought) being transmitted via the repeater.  If we piggy-back a preferred idea onto the fuel of an emotion a new appearance can eventually present itself.

The  infinitesimally small ‘mirror dots’  of isness which gel together to make up a reality are both portals and spheres (invisible ‘inward’ concepts simultaneously reflected ‘outward’ visibly). It’s as if there is only one thing moving/imagining so fast that it conceptualizes inwardly and mirrors out forms, appearing  to be all things at once. It can also seem to be a myriad of constructs materializing over days, months or aeons. Without mental or physical movement or relationships between things time and existence would not be. No one thing could be differentiated from another.
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Universal Laws, Suffering, Depression & Faith

Do Universal Laws exist? Is there only one True Law?

If there is a real Universal Principle it would have to work for everyone – no matter their state of being or awareness. Such cosmic law would have to function consistently. It would not depend on Yoga postures, feeling good, strong or whether or not a man could walk or was confined to a bed. It wouldn’t depend on a belief in a God or Gods of any kind.

Happiness or having faith over direct experience may not be a requirement for creating because the Focusing of Infinity appears to happen anyway, regardless of state of mind, intention or lack thereof. Whether a person appreciates what they are experiencing or not. Any non-negotiable axiom would have to be just as true for a depressed or anxiety ridden personality as it would be for the most serene yogi or most trusting and faithful priest.

Feeling great might appear to be a required key or the only key to the ‘front door’ of conscious reality shifting. But even if that were true there are also keys for back and side door entries, too.

All things, great or infinitesimal, appear to resonate as frequencies. Forms (= thought-forms) are not only energized, through a kind of centering. They are also consciously created creations of the Totality of Being and, mind-wise, are aware at ‘levels’. They want to ‘live,’ to experience life with whoever or whatever may be seeking them. Meaning they, too, are seekers. Each concept dances musically to the tune of its song. Creating (focusing) harmonics that range from the ever d/evolving simple to the ever d/evolving complex. This is true in physical, ‘3-D’ worlds and, additionally, in Worlds Beyond.

Thought = Frequency Locale

Physical Feeling/Sensation Imagined = Frequency Locale

Emotion = Frequency Locale

Thought + Feeling/Senses + Emotion = Frequency Locale

Frequency Locale = Electro-magnetic octaves/songs = sympathetic resonance matching/tuning into an experience [manifestation/materialization/crystallization]

If we don’t like what is experienced there are options.

Sometimes an emergency of mood happens.  If there is, literally, no aid available in a moment or if there is a waiting  period before assistance is able to arrive the following steps might be helpful.

[for adults who are knowingly responsible for their choices and who have previously discussed the following steps with their physician]:

1) Find a safe place to sit, stand or lie down.

2) Breathe normally, comfortably and, while breathing is continued normally, be as still as possible otherwise.

3) Relax to the best of your ability while you breathe, continuing to remain as still as possible. Do your best to not judge or weigh any thoughts or fidgeting that may happen as you shift into relaxation.

4) Continue to breathe and relax, as you  practice the activity of stillness, until assistance arrives.  Or, if there is no help available, until you understand that the immediacy of the mood emergency has passed.

Know that the stillness of this exercise can sometimes lead to seemingly miraculous outcomes. Even the ‘act’ of moving into stillness & remaining there for a duration can unveil, for the personality, a new sense of self-identity.     Because, now and again, what appears as inner-action or as Wei Wu Wei – the activity of conscious  non-doing –  can be quietly powerful & effective in what may have been an unimagined fashion. Even – at times – for individuals who have believed the only way to shift an experience is to take determined, outer action. This may not always be true.  It’s also possible that inspired activity in the world or a combination of doing + non-doing can be commanding as well.

Note: Sometime after help has arrived,  after calmness & safety are clearly evident, consider adding, to the listed steps, wisdom from the original version of  The Master Key, by Charles Haanel.  The original version of this book is now  in the public domain and is available, free of charge, for download @ Google Books.

In a non-emergency the practice of  reality shifting can be fun.  There are numerous ways to make use of the tools of mind and thoughts to refocus one’s phenomenally perceived existence.  The e-motion [energy/concepts oscillating/in motion] of concentrated physical feelings or senses and new Imaginings can also be effectual. Borrow the sense-feelings from a past event, an anticipated future or parallel existence . Immerse the Self in a daydream. It is automatically brought into the only moment there is: The Presence of Be-ing or Is-ness. Consider it a new present-memory stream.

It’s because Nothing is true that Everything can be true – for the reason that there is no such thing as time or space. There are only eternally available ideas which sometimes get ‘pushed out’ as reality. Changefulness occurs only in awareness. We move through concepts more than we move through any realness of chronological forms of being (including ideas of time itself).

Mirror-worlds of light shadows may be all we ever see. Dancing metaphors projected as the bodies and worlds we think we are, onto the inner atmo-spheres of our Being. Because the universe is Our body – a case of mistaken identity –  which is also Love disguised. Not sourced in Mind but rather in a universal hypnosis that is neither good or bad in a Dreaming lived by the Invisible Totality of Self.


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The Beginning

The beginning is built into the end….

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The Facility of Time & The Conveyance of Space

Elimination of psychological time can help stop painful activities of mind, relieving the belief in cause and effect – thereby also relieving a suffering psyche of self-blame and the blaming of others.

A door opens if we consider the idea that from within space-time we cannot know when time was actually born.  Imagining that it never began at all might dismantle the limitations of chronological expectations. This can turn us back towards the is-ness of all that is animated in the infinite Creation. Everything that exists does so free of time boundaries and can be seen as already done. This may mean there is no need to create anything as such. We might instead, via the heart,  allow the frequency locale of a desired change to meet us where we live. Stopping the mind can help unveil the infinite, invisible and intelligent space of Awareness in which all things or concepts reside.  When this  point is observed who is it that is aware of the ‘place’ in which all of these divisions of space live?  Including the physical self and seemingly individuated m-mind? And what then is aware of this Awareness? Whatever it is can show us that it’s center is nowhere. Unless we  also simultaneously see that it’s center is everywhere, existing as the axis of experience of all forms.

Activity, whether in the mind or appearing as though it’s pushed out into the world, is not the enemy. When we see that all activity is born of Stillness and sound out of Silence moving in the direction of  Stillness brings us into the zero point of Now, The Self or God: the container in which all activity has ever taken place. Not just the activity in the mind but also including the mind itself. The world is and emanates as I AM experiences it, is being it:  the emanation of the totality and not only one individuated soul.

Shifting into *the zero* disappears all concepts, all embodiments of reality. This gives us the opportunity to reboot, from featureless Be-ing, the conditions of our lives. It reminds the human of  his or her own innocence, the unreality of the mind and all thoughts that get pushed out as real. The self meeting the Self there, even if only for what felt like brief, time-free moments upon return, sees that it is one and the same activity of Be-ing, not two. This reveals a clearing and from within it miracles spin into existence – spontaneously and also when we blue-print them on purpose from the awareness of being infinite zero. The formless form of the Self.

The Now – expressed as seeing or observing – with all senses available to a person, is the Self in which all things exist, in all versions. It contains the boundless No-thingness or space of Awareness called I AM. And what comes before that?  The sense of who or what that may be seems undefinable and uniquely different for every center of experience.  It has expressed Itself as both dynamic and static. It may turn in on Itself and simultaneously out again indefinitely.  The ultimate, intelligent Space in which all other divisions of space exist.


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What Are Memories? Are They Real?

What are memories exactly and what can they do for us?

They help us in keep track of our lives, allowing us to see reality, life and love as organized. This can be helpful and also comforting.  But sometimes certain memories can serve to ensnare us in a prison of mind and time. Details of personal history can appear to be immovable and unforgivable, affecting us greatly. This can lead to suffering internalized self-hatred or hatred projected outwardly – leading to what seems like non-negotiable bitterness towards others. Uninvestigated conclusions about the nature of memories then become detrimental to the psyche, short-circuiting the opportunity for a happy lifetime in the world.

Questioning reasoning that the past is fixed and immutable opens often hidden doors of  perceptibility.  Uncovered possibilities may include dreaming of a new world where memory is allowed to be a form of (a) thought. And all thoughts, being states-of-being, are eternal. None need ever be created because not one of them is  new in the way we tend to think of new-ness.  They exist as an expression of Infinity – which, in care of it’s own nature, has always been. Simultaneously, universal principles allow for the experience of everything potentially sensed as new, from the perspective of certain view points.

Each one of us, in turn,  is also an expression of Infinity – therefore we, too, are a thought. This means we’re not the cause of consciousness but rather, as are all things in the world, an effect of it. How (and that) we see ourselves and also others bears this out.

Memories are thoughts that exist non-locally and in timelessness. We weave them together creating the tapestry of a life. We interlink them and are convinced of their reality, encouraged  by the very clever facility of time.  This so that our world will make logical sense to us.

No new thoughts in Infinity means no conditions are required to bring them into existence (though we can always ask  what brings then into our awareness). They just are and they belong to all of us. We inherit this bounty of imagining  from understanding that there is one Be-ingness, expressing Itself, exploring Its nature and potential in innumerable ways.

Every thought, every effect of consciousness, is a  form of pure Awareness molded into this or that. This is what makes up the phenomenal world. It covers and molds the unqualified field Awareness, thereby rendering what we see and experience every day.  It’s like clothing that the real Reality (formless Be-ingness, conscious Imagination) wears.  Our individuated beliefs (repeating mental blueprints), when pushed out, masquerade as a reality. Every person, animal, plant and also every ‘inanimate’ thing materializes as an effect or result of the focusing of Infinity. This is what points-of-view embodied in human form do every day.  Even the experience of ‘daytime’ or ‘nighttime’ is the result of focusing infinite Imagination. The nature of everything-ness requires that all  ideas – and every version of each –  always exists somewhere. ‘Someone’ or some-body has to be each and every human being that has, does or will ever live.

We can entertain the concepts of memories and time by considering that the future creates the past.  Everything that  will happen and every person that will ever live is a memory in the mind of the infinite ground of Awareness – which looks back on Itself, in all its various permutations.  This, not to reinforce a belief in time – but rather to help reverse the common perception of time being direction specific.  From there we can, as a natural arising, experience the zero point of sovereign focusing.

Built into each and every human being, like an encoded mirror, is the ability to remember every version of ourselves by choosing or inviting in new thoughts about what’s true about our identity.  When we recall the eternal aspect of our nature we can then begin to choose our memories from the unlimited, kaleidoscopic story that is sometimes called, The Creation. Beginnings are built into every ending and change or reality shifts can occur at any point on the timeline.  No matter if the coordinates targeted are remembered as belonging to the present-memory, past or future-memory of unrestricted Intelligence. Because all timelines, if they were to have any configuration at all, are circular and spherical and spiral-like,  with the point-of-view of partitioned, embodied  Mind existing in the center (of experience). This is from where it looks outward at a creatively focused reflection of the dimensionally-larger-inner-world.

It takes only one point-of-view to recall or witness a reality shift, whether for seconds or in a seemingly more permanent way. Observing in this fashion automatically means engaging it, imagining the idea into realness. We can do this for ourselves. We also can ‘stand-in-the-gap (of silence, stillness, formlessness)’ for others (or let others do the same for us). This is one of the original designs for prayer. We can contribute to what ‘the other’ would want for themselves. If they suffer so greatly that we are allowed to stand-in for them we can be witnesses, on their behalf, to whatever it is that would help make them healthy and happy. This reminds them, by default, of their wholeness.

There is no need to worry about being controlled or energetically moved by others into something undesired. This cannot ever be done to us by other subdivided minds. We are sovereign in this way. This is so, even if we do not remember that we’re the ones dialing-in to realities by what we accept, wholesale, as true and real.

Dr. Ruth Drown, chiropractor, suggested to Trevor James Constable that,  “There is no here or there, just tuning.”  Similar to Dr. Drown – but making use of somewhat more esoteric terminology –  Lillian De Waters tells us, “…if it there, it is here…”  In other words, we are like receiving stations for the cosmic ‘radio’ signals we are tuned for.  Even if we find ourselves configured to receive a certain range of signals of conceptual awareness – this is different than receiving the signals of a direct experience (living it). But even if we find ourselves receiving within a range of unwanted events we still remain equipped to access other states-of-being.

So much of what sometimes pains us – and everything really – shows up in the form of memories. Pointing a finger at another human and saying , See what you are doing to yourself or to that other one or to me, can eventually be self-defeating in a very large sense. This is why it is often helpful to recall that from where each of us stands (or sits) this is counsel we keep and use for ourselves and our own witnessing.  Because more than seeing what another person is doing or not doing I am seeing or projecting (casting the light of consciousness on) what I believe is real – thoughts pushed out – and what I believe their experience to be. I’m thinking (into materialization) what I literally think they are doing or not doing. Either I think what I’m seeing is true or I think what I’m seeing is not true.  This is one of the greatest examples of the trick of the light (conceptualization) of time. Whatever the timelessness Now is wearing (appearances of clock time, seasons, events, people, etc.) – it almost always seems real – appearing as though it possesses a position on a linear track. But nothing really exists in a thing called time. It’s a detail we toss into the mix. This is why it’s sometimes uplifting to favor that every event and activity is ‘happening’ all at once. Every version of every event in every time frame of reference as happening in the immediate, instant explosion of ‘The Big Bang.”  It’s from within the concept of time (instant-ness slowed down) that we pluck, out of the ethers, specific thoughts we can experience as arranged in an orderly fashion.

No matter what we’ve known we can respond, inwardly, to our own witnessing. That way, even when we are joined with others in helping to make the outer world a better place, we can more easily find a point of access to infinite reserves of light (what we breathe in) and magnetism (what we breathe out), automatically applying it to newly selected thoughts via intention (our newly accepted identity).  Sometimes we do this while while participating in inspired outer activities which are used to help bring to order a deliberately redesigned reality.


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The Time Key

Bruce Cathie helps us understand that the only thing keeping things apart is time. Which we can now understand is a facility for change or shifts in consciousness.  The way space is a facility for the existence of forms. Such seeming divisions in space allow for the discernment of one thing from another in the phenomenal world.

We may still decide to make use of a clock or timepiece adornments but the the elimination of psychological time comes in handy when we’re intending a new version of life & self.

Consider time lapsed film footage of a 24 hour day in Tokyo or Los Angeles. Next imagine the city traffic – and then that the film is sped up x 2,  x8,  x1000. Is x 10,0000 possible to imagine easily? The visualization of it, what it would look like? At what point would the moving images become a blur of nothingness? How much space or time would that nothingness consume? A lot or none?

Peter Russell, author & presenter of  The Primacy of Consciousness ,  explains our traditional concept of time well. He says we as humans try to explain events which only ever happen in the zero time interval [= the only true ‘interval’ of no-time]  in terms that relate to space and time. Realizing this and deconstructing the psychological sense of chronology can go a long way when it comes to the activity of reality shifting.

What we sense as past, present or future occurs as simultaneous ‘time.’ Though it can also be helpful to consider the paradigm of:  the future creates the present [= the future’s past ] and the present creates the past. If you want to see this happening in PG-13 action check out: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles [tv series, 2008] here or here. You can also try renting the Terminator movie film series.

Realities flash on and off at a `rate’ of perception – which is an access or coordinate point that is kind of like an internet web address. We type or dial in and find ourselves experiencing a new brand of information.  What appear to be past, future or parallel realities – these flash at a rate we do not instantly perceive in our individuated awareness. Though all materializations occur at once – are already occurring right now.

Present experiences are those that we match in the flash rate of our awareness [consciousness] at  on-off intervals that our brain receptors can discern. Everything & every place & condition is right here right now and the perceiving of them is a matter of tuning in. We adjust our neurological system in whatever ways work for us so that it can read [experience]  certain reality streams.

We have access to the whole of The Creation which is access to Infinity. But how can we initiate this? By changing the channel on which version of self is real to us.  This informs the version of the world we line up with as true.

Adjusted or new realities have been experienced by individuals in a myriad of ways including via:

Deep Meditation

Example 1: ‘Kundalini’ Experience

Advanced’ Deep Breathing & Advanced Yogic Breathing Techniques

Example 1:  ‘Kriya’ Yoga

Spontaneous Awakenings

Example 1:  Byron Katie interviewed by Oprah on XM Satellite

Example 2:  Eckhart Tolle


Example 1:  Nisargadatta


Resource 1:

Resource 2:

Resource 3:  Eat The Sun Documentary — A filmmaker’s perspective

The outcome of any practice that works for the individual is orchestrated on many levels of existence- weaving together the new version of life.  At the soul traveler’s end a shifting (tuning) of the quantum lens-angle through which they perceive the vibratory points of light happens. Thereby unveiling whole new realities that are always already present.


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Light Shift

Everything seen & all that is sensed [and not sensed] knows infinite versions of Itself. Every person, every tree, grain of sand or molecule. Every relationship or city or world or universe.

Infinity creates The Creation creating  in less than in an instant – in the only moment outside of time that has ever existed. Closer than Here, more present than Now. Eternally formed and available  yesterday, tomorrow and today.

And nothing at all exists.

We are spaces, filled with boundless ideas,  dressed as fractals, dancing incalculable concepts.  Everywhere & Everywhen, Everybe-ing  mirrored in observing.  Reflecting-glass sparkles, showing us our dreams.

Living truths are the most  intimate lovers – seeming as real as they are unreal.

If we are Creators of awareness,  focusing Infinity in all ways

Is God Imagination Imaging Imagining?


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If all things and experiences [& even people] are a form of thought then all concepts can be understood as objects in space. Space, for these purposes, is a facility for form – and time is a conveyance for the awareness of change. From this perspective all experiences can be known as thoughts pushed out from the universal substance – via vortices – into the phenomenal world. Pure awareness, then, is seamlessly ‘covered’ by the tapestry of thoughts making up our experiences in the phenomenal world.

The good news about mental constructs, especially suffering ones, is that they belong to Consciousness, therefore to all of us. How can this be good news? Because as the conscious creations that we are we give birth to ideas daily, whether they are new for us or not. If they are unhappy versions we know that such considerations can always be replaced with something more blissful.

Why do some thoughts behave like recurring nightmares? For the same reason that a friend who lives by the ocean wakes up everyday and sees sand and infinite water a few feet away from his back porch: He gets out of bed, makes the morning coffee or tea and opens a sliding glass door. This door leads to a deck, which leads to his favorite chair. And there lies the ocean before him. It is not good or bad. It is just there and he happens to find it beautiful. But if he did not find it so, if he did not like this view of the water he might make new decisions. And even if it appeared to require the facility of time, he could take helpful steps and eventually, or perhaps instantly, change the scenery he wakes up to every day.

But what if it appeared that someone else had picked out this home for our friend, that he had no choice but to live there – and that he really did not like it from the start? This would be the result of present-time thoughts masquerading as concepts rooted in the past. This would include all thoughts [pushed out as reality] of evidence & witnesses that give support to these same experiences.

Once we begin to understand more effectively the nature of ideas we can next consider further who and what we really are and what we are not. The same is true of all experiences and material things of the world. Releasing conditions in our lives we deem unfavorable becomes easier once the actual nature of the appearance of the world is revealed. It also becomes easier to glean why everything is possible, even if the face of apparent scarcity or even previously perceived impossibility.

Nisargadatta reminds us in simple yet powerful fashion how and why we are not our thoughts. And most of all, why we are not the mind. His non-dualistic approach to sharing wisdom regarding the concepts of identity and the human being is direct and psychologically economical. It focuses on the cutting away of excessive mental constructs so that any person interested in relief from suffering may realize practical cut-to-the-chase inner tools that can help. Byron Katie offers the same message via a practice called The Work.
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