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Is Money The Root Of Evil?

Is it possible that invisible Light can masquerade – when embodied in form – as cause to treat other human beings in ways that contribute to the suffering of self or another? If so, can it ever be true that money is evil?

Maybe it’s only thoughts we purchase about money that make it sometimes seem like a bad thing. Perhaps this includes assumptions we take for truth about facts and people we think we know and their apparent relationship with financial mediums of exchange. How we experience our own economic affairs might also materialize as reflections offered to us by ‘others,’  for better or worse.

If we perceive various and different individuals or companies as the true source of financial security in a life it can inform the nature of the world we call our own.  Also, if there is a belief that another human being or institution owes us funds scenarios can happen that can fool us into easily liking, disliking or hating them.

Thoughts may then be exchanged, from there, for ones that become an excuse to treat others well or badly. It has often followed that this nurtures reasons for seeing other humans as being less than deserving of anything good. Not the least of which is an offer of the truth about love.  Trances of concepts can mesmerize a believer, covering the radiance of individuals they are looking at but not actually seeing. This can be synonymous with it helping to cover their own light of mind.

Another light-angle may illuminate shadowed spaces, revealing that it’s beliefs about money which can lead to certain menacing or suffering behaviors in society.

What if financial assets and funds were a metaphor, a representation for only one part of a person’s internal sense of self –  something only they themselves could discern the meaning of?  Or someone who knows that there is only One of us here. What if all earthly dramas, money related or otherwise,  were really only that One Self disguised?

It may help to consider that an alternative word for ‘evil’ is ‘dual’ or ‘duality.’  A trance of seeming division between person A and person B. One being-ness divided into the apparent materialization of many things, including person A and person B or group or culture A and  B.  Additionally, there can be an exhibition of forms of resources, proof and sequences of events to support the story.  Even the spaces that appear between all of these can contribute to making it seem true.

When infinite being is focused in the form of money and people possibilities for interactions and opportunities abound. We may only ever be looking at the One existence – but that one thing takes on a multitude of forms so it may experience itself infinitely. This can lead to a forgetting of the One as the many.

All appearances of all conditions and discrete objects (including transitions) can be known as being a singular reality camouflaged.  When this is recognized a new world is unveiled. One in which a person can no longer be as easily hypnotized into accepting a seeming objective experience at face value. Weights and decisions can still happen, if needed, within a scenario. But they will come from a mind balanced by the heart. When this is true present-time events can be traded for the Presence of Is-ness of whatever is being witnessed in a moment of awareness. And what that is, it is every-thing and it exists outside of time.


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