The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

The Time Key

Bruce Cathie helps us understand that the only thing keeping things apart is time. Which we can now understand is a facility for change or shifts in consciousness.  The way space is a facility for the existence of forms. Such seeming divisions in space allow for the discernment of one thing from another in the phenomenal world.

We may still decide to make use of a clock or timepiece adornments but the the elimination of psychological time comes in handy when we’re intending a new version of life & self.

Consider time lapsed film footage of a 24 hour day in Tokyo or Los Angeles. Next imagine the city traffic – and then that the film is sped up x 2,  x8,  x1000. Is x 10,0000 possible to imagine easily? The visualization of it, what it would look like? At what point would the moving images become a blur of nothingness? How much space or time would that nothingness consume? A lot or none?

Peter Russell, author & presenter of  The Primacy of Consciousness ,  explains our traditional concept of time well. He says we as humans try to explain events which only ever happen in the zero time interval [= the only true ‘interval’ of no-time]  in terms that relate to space and time. Realizing this and deconstructing the psychological sense of chronology can go a long way when it comes to the activity of reality shifting.

What we sense as past, present or future occurs as simultaneous ‘time.’ Though it can also be helpful to consider the paradigm of:  the future creates the present [= the future’s past ] and the present creates the past. If you want to see this happening in PG-13 action check out: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles [tv series, 2008] here or here. You can also try renting the Terminator movie film series.

Realities flash on and off at a `rate’ of perception – which is an access or coordinate point that is kind of like an internet web address. We type or dial in and find ourselves experiencing a new brand of information.  What appear to be past, future or parallel realities – these flash at a rate we do not instantly perceive in our individuated awareness. Though all materializations occur at once – are already occurring right now.

Present experiences are those that we match in the flash rate of our awareness [consciousness] at  on-off intervals that our brain receptors can discern. Everything & every place & condition is right here right now and the perceiving of them is a matter of tuning in. We adjust our neurological system in whatever ways work for us so that it can read [experience]  certain reality streams.

We have access to the whole of The Creation which is access to Infinity. But how can we initiate this? By changing the channel on which version of self is real to us.  This informs the version of the world we line up with as true.

Adjusted or new realities have been experienced by individuals in a myriad of ways including via:

Deep Meditation

Example 1: ‘Kundalini’ Experience

Advanced’ Deep Breathing & Advanced Yogic Breathing Techniques

Example 1:  ‘Kriya’ Yoga

Spontaneous Awakenings

Example 1:  Byron Katie interviewed by Oprah on XM Satellite

Example 2:  Eckhart Tolle


Example 1:  Nisargadatta


Resource 1:

Resource 2:

Resource 3:  Eat The Sun Documentary — A filmmaker’s perspective

The outcome of any practice that works for the individual is orchestrated on many levels of existence- weaving together the new version of life.  At the soul traveler’s end a shifting (tuning) of the quantum lens-angle through which they perceive the vibratory points of light happens. Thereby unveiling whole new realities that are always already present.


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Attention & Creation

How do we create consciously that which we desire if we experience distractions? Especially if a life situation seems to loom overhead, not unlike a relentless specter? One way is to remember that no matter what is going on in your personal world, you are worthy. Worthiness is built into you already – infinitely now and eternally. So your default setting, as it were, is that of being worthy.  And this, in a way, might actually be a misstatement because there is no other mode to be in or compare it to. In other words, your worthiness is unconditional, like True Love.

Now, even if you don’t believe this yet, you can act as if you do! In ways small and large.

What is it that you desire? Okay! So do one or two things each day to remind yourself that what you wish for is already yours. Whether it is a thing, a condition or an experience it literally already exists in another stream or version of your life anyway. Like a radio signal it only requires that we tune into it vibrationally [mentally/use the senses] in order to realize the resulting experience, in order to shift our awareness-of-being.

Tune in vibrationally? How? By thinking about it, imagining the smell and/or feel of it, going places locally or further away that remind you of it, hang out with people that already have it, making a vision board/collage of things that remind you of your creation……Whatever works to bring you into repeated awareness of what it is that you want.

There are some things we appreciate that we are already good at experiencing. So good at it, in fact, that it seems our subconscious (or maybe some other part of ourselves we will learn more about) runs these programs for us. But for the things we wish were different or that appear to be missing we can put our intention into quiet or active action so that we may bring them into fruition. Decide what it is that you do want and begin your creation from there.

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Cavorting With Symbols

There are an infinite number of ways and means to actively and/or deliberately cultivate the experiences we desire – in order to see them evidenced in our 3-D world. Including  a simple, powerful method: using symbols.

Think of any desire, anything you wish to know first hand. Once you have done this imagine any symbol that feels easy and good to you that represents your wish. Whether that wish is a thing, an condition, a feeling….

Your symbol can be something that literally exists or something that exists imagined. Something you’ve seen in life, in magazine or movie. You may want to choose something that is not often viewed (by you and/or others) just to keep it interesting. And whatever sign you decide to make use of, it can relate to your wish in an obvious way – but it does not have to.   As long as it has meaning for you.

As you commit to this symbol, giving it personal meaning, it begins to resonate with the same vibration as your deliberate creation. Every time you think of it, every time you see it, it is not only a reminder of what is is that you are intending – but it is also a message that you are only a fraction of a millimeter, vibrationally, away from it being evidenced in your reality.

You may see this initial symbol only once, as Steve Pavlina mentions in his article about manifesting and alpha- reflections. He writes about his own experience of symbolic messages [that he doesn’t necessarily choose, in this case] showing up in the form of a “noticeable synchronicity.” Or you may see them, whatever they are, a few or many times before you experience your preferred reality.

You can combine playing with symbols with any other manifestation tools that feel in line with your intentions.
Of primary importance is that whatever you choose, it is a symbol that you like and can make use of, in your own mind and heart, with ease.

Some people have asked whether or not it is important to remain private about setting intentions as well as the methods used. Many deliberate creators choose to keep their creative processes wholly private. Perhaps sharing them once the manifestation is evidenced. If you are feeling uncertain about what you should do you may want to first ask yourself:  Does the person require ‘strings attached’ or that favors be traded? What it is you want to ‘get’ from telling others? Why do you want to or feel the need to receive whatever that particular thing is from them?

Choosing to share your intentions (or not) is always a personal decision.  If you discern that those you want to tell are like minded or that they can, in an honest and pure way, assist you in you goals then those may be points to consider.

Beyond this you can weigh the pros and cons for yourself with each objective you commit to. This can help to insure that whatever your decision, it is the right path for you at that time.

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The Law of Detachment. What the….?

Mention the word detachment in any kind of spiritual or metaphysical sense and for many, images of monks, Eastern renunciates, or too-cool-for-school new-agers come to mind. So what does this word detachment really mean?

In terms of the law-of-attraction it means freedom from all concerns and it can actually offer hope. And more than hope it is the reminder of a promise that everything you’ve ever desired is already so. It’s already yours. How could this be true?

The construction of your world, your universe and the universe at large may be different that you’ve been trained to believe. The awareness of a possibly more accurate understanding of the nature of reality and how it manifests may very well explain why detachment is logical – and why it may be in our best interest to practice detachment whenever possible.

The Holographic Universe

In the early 1980’s physicist Alain Aspect discovered that subatomic particles could communicate with each other instantaneously, no matter their distance apart. This flew in the face of Einstein’s theory that nothing can move or do anything faster than the speed of light.

Because of Aspect’s findings, another physicist, David Bohm, asserted that though much in reality appeared to be solid, it may not be. And that there may be no such thing as objective reality. Objective reality – meaning that which maintains a state of truth whether one believes it or not. If we add that to believing that each of us is a separate individual and that everything in existence also maintains a separateness from all other things we are then believing in an objective reality.

So why would Bohm say this? Because, first, he understood the basic nature of a simple hologram.

A man-made hologram is a 3-dimensional photograph created with the aid of a laser. If we wanted to make a hologram of a strawberry it would first be flooded in the beam of laser light #1. Then the light of laser beam # 2 is bounced off of the reflected light of laser beam # 1. This results in an interference pattern (think, of dropping two identical pebbles in a pond and imagine where their concentric water circles meet midway) and this interference pattern is what is photographed.

At this stage the film may not look like much. But as soon as soon as another laser beam is passed through it a 3-dimensional image of the strawberry becomes evident. If the film is cut in half and a laser passed through it again, an image of the original strawberry, in 3-D will still appear. Cut these pieces in half and they will continue, with the aid of a laser beam, to present a smaller but intact 3-dimensional images of the original strawberry. This is the difference between a common photograph and a holographic one. The hologram contains all the information of the whole within all of it’s parts.

David Bohm believed that subatomic particles were not mysteriously communicating, even at what appeared to be great distances. But rather that no matter what it looked like, they were not really separate at all. That their separateness was in actuality some great illusion. That no subatomic particle (of which all things and humans are made) is individual, existing on its own – but rather is a part of or expansion of something much larger. And that the only reason we are unable to see or understand this easily is because of our ‘position’ or perspective related the the whole or greater something.

Reality, may in fact, be some kind of super or meta-hologram. If this is true our universe could very well contain some very surprising qualities. Even the notions of location, time and space would have to be reconsidered. As well as the infiniteness of all possibilities of reality. Past, future and in the Now. Which would all, ultimately be the same moment – both as ‘realities’ and ‘potentials.’

If our meta-universe is a multidimensional, multi-frequency grid which has brought forth everything in existence that ever has been, or or ever will be it could be seen or experienced as Infinite Be-ing.

If we, as human-beings are in relationship with the Infinite Be-ing of All That Is how could we consciously interact with it?

Answer: via our thoughts.

And so this brings us back to the law-of-attraction and detachment.

Considering the model of the holographic universe as infinite, and that Mind is how we interact with it, it then being within us projecting ‘outward,’ then everything we could ever want already exists. Not as a spiritual cliche, but literally. All potential versions of your experience/experiences other than the one you are currently experiencing already exist. So how do we experience what we do want if we’re not enjoying what we see? Via our vibrational frequency or our activty of Mind.  Because it’s not about where or when it exists but rather on which vibrational frequency it lives, so to say. We literally have to line up our frequency with that which we want to deliberately experience and we will resonate or oscillate into the experience. Like fine tuning the dial to a particular radio station. And knowing that what you want already exists for you, whether it is a condition, an experience or thing, does it make much sense to still be in a wanting place when you now know it is already so? It’s kind of like knowing that you are in Rome and your favorite car is in the garage next to the home you own in London. How do you then receive it? What are the things you need to do to experience being in London so you can easily retrieve you car? This favorite car you already own? Likely you won’t stress about not having the car. Because you know it’s already yours. So all you have to do is get into alignment, be in alignment with being in London, in your car .

We can relieve ourselves of the wanting and just focus on the having by aligning ourselves with anything that matches the vibration of it for us in thought, feeling and/or emotion. Activating any of the senses in imagination, really, will do. Or also, inspired action. And any ‘law of attraction’ exercises or practices that do this for you are exactly the ‘right’ ones.


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