The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

The Facility of Time & The Conveyance of Space

Elimination of psychological time can help stop painful activities of mind, relieving the belief in cause and effect – thereby also relieving a suffering psyche of self-blame and the blaming of others.

A door opens if we consider the idea that from within space-time we cannot know when time was actually born.  Imagining that it never began at all might dismantle the limitations of chronological expectations. This can turn us back towards the is-ness of all that is animated in the infinite Creation. Everything that exists does so free of time boundaries and can be seen as already done. This may mean there is no need to create anything as such. We might instead, via the heart,  allow the frequency locale of a desired change to meet us where we live. Stopping the mind can help unveil the infinite, invisible and intelligent space of Awareness in which all things or concepts reside.  When this  point is observed who is it that is aware of the ‘place’ in which all of these divisions of space live?  Including the physical self and seemingly individuated m-mind? And what then is aware of this Awareness? Whatever it is can show us that it’s center is nowhere. Unless we  also simultaneously see that it’s center is everywhere, existing as the axis of experience of all forms.

Activity, whether in the mind or appearing as though it’s pushed out into the world, is not the enemy. When we see that all activity is born of Stillness and sound out of Silence moving in the direction of  Stillness brings us into the zero point of Now, The Self or God: the container in which all activity has ever taken place. Not just the activity in the mind but also including the mind itself. The world is and emanates as I AM experiences it, is being it:  the emanation of the totality and not only one individuated soul.

Shifting into *the zero* disappears all concepts, all embodiments of reality. This gives us the opportunity to reboot, from featureless Be-ing, the conditions of our lives. It reminds the human of  his or her own innocence, the unreality of the mind and all thoughts that get pushed out as real. The self meeting the Self there, even if only for what felt like brief, time-free moments upon return, sees that it is one and the same activity of Be-ing, not two. This reveals a clearing and from within it miracles spin into existence – spontaneously and also when we blue-print them on purpose from the awareness of being infinite zero. The formless form of the Self.

The Now – expressed as seeing or observing – with all senses available to a person, is the Self in which all things exist, in all versions. It contains the boundless No-thingness or space of Awareness called I AM. And what comes before that?  The sense of who or what that may be seems undefinable and uniquely different for every center of experience.  It has expressed Itself as both dynamic and static. It may turn in on Itself and simultaneously out again indefinitely.  The ultimate, intelligent Space in which all other divisions of space exist.


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Meta-Spiritual Tug O’ War

If the dreamer knows they are dreaming – and in light of this epiphany – why would it remain possible at all for the dreamscape to loom painfully large instead of being navigated effortlessly in ways the dreamer prefers?

Some who viewed The Secret DVD [an introduction to Universal laws] or immersed themselves in other related resources experienced that certain desired changes came quite easily. Others seemed to struggle, continuing to try and understand where things may have gone ‘wrong’ in the attempt to reorder their lives.

There could be a million reasons why certain individuals would easily pick up and run with these teachings and why others would appear not to. Including but not limited to the possibility that each of us is born with beautiful and unique gifts we may not yet have fully cultivated. Or that every single one of us is only, once again, dreaming what we perceive to be these differences. And that one of the ways to free ourselves is to know that the awareness of this – lucidity – can serve as tool. One for deconstructing the metaphors of experience in a fashion that has the potential to answer and resolve every question we have about ourselves.

Where the rubber may meet the road is when we’ve come to believe we finally have enough data under out belt to apply gleaned wisdom in a practical manner. This, perhaps, via books, workshops, videos, meditations. We may even have encountered spontaneous & real, in world opportunities to practice our new skills in ways that have seemed quite successful.

But then something happens: a primary relationship is feeling painful, a job is lost or maybe one we hoped for did not come through. Perhaps that experience of family was less than stellar or an application for college was denied – a friend might have betrayed our trust or our child that we love so much rejected us. We then look up and the sky appears to be falling….fast. What happened to all of that new-found wisdom? What about that great day we had yesterday when the call we were waiting for happened and the neighbor who had, historically, been so difficult suddenly showed up with vegetables from their garden and a genuine smile? Are we back to square one? Do we have to begin policing our thoughts after all?

The answer to those last two questions can be, “No.”

Because when the uncertain-self [a.k.a., the ego] attempts to solicit our psychological services there are actions we can take, including internal ones, that can help this part of our being be in service to our spirit-personality and our soul instead of the other way around. In this way we can meet self-condemnation, often reflected back to us outwardly, at its root and re-route the power source towards loftier pursuits. This can also help us to remember that light shadows are telling us that whatever good or beauty we see is true about self. Whatever dark shadows we see in life are are the opposite of lovely truths about ourselves – but we’ve only temporarily forgotten them.

No need to struggle in the intention. No need to attempt the crazy-making task of trying to know our every mental blueprint no matter how deeply it might be buried in our sub-conscious awareness. And there is also no requirement to, with or without great effort, ‘ascend into higher consciousness.’ All we do need is to make use of something many of us have taken for granted. Something we may even have been taught is of no value to us outside of random free leisure time. Children have often been scolded for making use of this frequently overlooked and underestimated power that each of us has within us. In unlimited amounts it exists everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. What is this incredible and supreme master key?

It is the Power of Imagination.

Imagination is one way for us to invite the source of life to meet us wherever we may be.
Every video, book, workshop and seminar – every single thing we are invited to make use of in the activity of reordering our lives makes use of this inexhaustible & supra-temporal source of infinite wishes come true.

Neville Goddard, Thomas Troward [quotes], Genevieve Behrend and many others remind us that our Imagination is our fortune. However we may decide to make use of it in our activities of creation [tuning in to the version of life we prefer].

No matter what system or paradigm ‘language’ we apply, if we choose to know it is real enough to work it has no choice but to do so. Because, like all things formed [tangible or not], every paradigm is a conscious creation, wants to live and may be a part of what Rupert Sheldrake describes as a “morphic field,” which he tells us works, “… by imposing patterns…” and “…are evolving structures that, “…underlie our mental activity and our perceptions and leads to a new theory of vision…”

Melizza Zollo, in the tradition of Neville, shares that even if we have observed ourselves struggling in our efforts to live new lives the solution to each and every problem we have known is ultimately simple. And that resolution can be known and experienced via our commitment to a brand new conscious mental blueprint. One that represents the actualization we prefer. We can also make use of this as an adjunct to physical or mental health care if needed.

Outcomes we desire can be accomplished by the imagining of a simple activity, experience or image that would already be true were our new life already real. We tune in to an internal ‘picture’ or ‘video clip’ that has meaning for us. It could even  be something we cut out of a magazine or a representation we drew or painted ourselves.

This is key: nurturing a relationship with our chosen imagined ‘object of attention’ by remembering it as a “present memory.” No matter what our external senses many be telling us. Because it is in the dimensionally larger inner world where all versions of things, people ideas, feelings and all experiences are first born. This is where, in fact, they are already true right now. From there they project outwardly, then materialize in our external 3-D world. To know a reality stream is real we only need resonate, by focused imagination, with whatever it is we are wanting. External action without an internal frequency shift yields no truly lasting changes. Internal action without corresponding external activity has moved mountains – these may appear to be miracles. Inspired external activity can lead to the most amazing materializations.

Space is a means for form and time a conveyance for change. Therefore a frequency locale exists for ever possible condition or event imaginable. As Neville Goddard and Melissa Zollo help us to remember: a reality or state of consciousness is like a city where each of s comes and goes as we please. The city cares not whether it is inhabited and by whom and yet continues to exists without opinions or judgments.

One way to a destination or event is through another one. Winston Churchill advised, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Never let go a dream – remember somewhere it is already true.


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