The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Abracadabra Part I

Abracadabra = Avrah KaDabra (Aramaic) = Aberah KeDaber (Hebrew)  = Ara Kara (Tamil) = I will create as I speak.


Part I

Thinking might seem to occur within the bounds of time but it does not. For time is a mental construct. A concept  we give a name to. The activity of Thinking or Thought is any ‘disturbance’ of pure Is-ness. This is the nature the Mind or Maya (Illusion).

All movement in consciousness is a thought, no matter its form. Now we don’t have to wonder how, why or if a thought happens before an event occurs. There is no such thing as ‘before’ or ‘after.’ There is only eternal isness. Any time experienced or believed in is also a part of thinking or imagining. It’s the same as speaking (literally or metaphorically) and as remembering or believing in something as real or false. All Imagination happens at once within Eternity. Consciousness is the only One that moves within the appearance of a divided Self.

Whether I think it or say it out loud, whether I smell or experience it in any way – whatever it is – can be understood to be a communication between the imagined self and the Total Self. It’s all the same thing regarding the focusing of Infinity. The only object that ever moves is perspective.

A transition is also an object or thought, another form of movement which can seem to lead to events or reoccurrences. Even things that appear continuous might be considered to be slowly transitioning objects: a human body-form in its growth from infancy into adulthood and ageing. Also a city, a planet, etc.

Each thing or form of is-ness is like a radio transmission on a repeater, flashing on and off and pulsing outwardly through a duration of intervals.  All experiences, all things are only records of ideas. Not the ideas themselves. In that sense no-thing is real since all mental architecture, for all intents and purposes, is invisible.

Every word, each idea ‘made flesh’ begins its life as an ‘immaculate conception.’ And ‘the flesh’ it’s made of is the substance of pure, invisible consciousness. Next, it becomes an associated consciousness or being-ness. In other words: it has attributes – a  disturbance or distortion (a shadow) of pure Isness.  Money, people, flowers, and the invisible wind – a star or a stone: each is only a record of Imagining.

Affecting a new experience can mean replacing the message (thought) being transmitted via the repeater.  If we piggy-back a preferred idea onto the fuel of an emotion a new appearance can eventually present itself.

The  infinitesimally small ‘mirror dots’  of isness which gel together to make up a reality are both portals and spheres (invisible ‘inward’ concepts simultaneously reflected ‘outward’ visibly). It’s as if there is only one thing moving/imagining so fast that it conceptualizes inwardly and mirrors out forms, appearing  to be all things at once. It can also seem to be a myriad of constructs materializing over days, months or aeons. Without mental or physical movement or relationships between things time and existence would not be. No one thing could be differentiated from another.
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The Beginning

The beginning is built into the end….

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The Facility of Time & The Conveyance of Space

Elimination of psychological time can help stop painful activities of mind, relieving the belief in cause and effect – thereby also relieving a suffering psyche of self-blame and the blaming of others.

A door opens if we consider the idea that from within space-time we cannot know when time was actually born.  Imagining that it never began at all might dismantle the limitations of chronological expectations. This can turn us back towards the is-ness of all that is animated in the infinite Creation. Everything that exists does so free of time boundaries and can be seen as already done. This may mean there is no need to create anything as such. We might instead, via the heart,  allow the frequency locale of a desired change to meet us where we live. Stopping the mind can help unveil the infinite, invisible and intelligent space of Awareness in which all things or concepts reside.  When this  point is observed who is it that is aware of the ‘place’ in which all of these divisions of space live?  Including the physical self and seemingly individuated m-mind? And what then is aware of this Awareness? Whatever it is can show us that it’s center is nowhere. Unless we  also simultaneously see that it’s center is everywhere, existing as the axis of experience of all forms.

Activity, whether in the mind or appearing as though it’s pushed out into the world, is not the enemy. When we see that all activity is born of Stillness and sound out of Silence moving in the direction of  Stillness brings us into the zero point of Now, The Self or God: the container in which all activity has ever taken place. Not just the activity in the mind but also including the mind itself. The world is and emanates as I AM experiences it, is being it:  the emanation of the totality and not only one individuated soul.

Shifting into *the zero* disappears all concepts, all embodiments of reality. This gives us the opportunity to reboot, from featureless Be-ing, the conditions of our lives. It reminds the human of  his or her own innocence, the unreality of the mind and all thoughts that get pushed out as real. The self meeting the Self there, even if only for what felt like brief, time-free moments upon return, sees that it is one and the same activity of Be-ing, not two. This reveals a clearing and from within it miracles spin into existence – spontaneously and also when we blue-print them on purpose from the awareness of being infinite zero. The formless form of the Self.

The Now – expressed as seeing or observing – with all senses available to a person, is the Self in which all things exist, in all versions. It contains the boundless No-thingness or space of Awareness called I AM. And what comes before that?  The sense of who or what that may be seems undefinable and uniquely different for every center of experience.  It has expressed Itself as both dynamic and static. It may turn in on Itself and simultaneously out again indefinitely.  The ultimate, intelligent Space in which all other divisions of space exist.


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Light Shift

Everything seen & all that is sensed [and not sensed] knows infinite versions of Itself. Every person, every tree, grain of sand or molecule. Every relationship or city or world or universe.

Infinity creates The Creation creating  in less than in an instant – in the only moment outside of time that has ever existed. Closer than Here, more present than Now. Eternally formed and available  yesterday, tomorrow and today.

And nothing at all exists.

We are spaces, filled with boundless ideas,  dressed as fractals, dancing incalculable concepts.  Everywhere & Everywhen, Everybe-ing  mirrored in observing.  Reflecting-glass sparkles, showing us our dreams.

Living truths are the most  intimate lovers – seeming as real as they are unreal.

If we are Creators of awareness,  focusing Infinity in all ways

Is God Imagination Imaging Imagining?


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Removing Our Awareness From The Time Line

There is no such thing as time.

If we consider the potential of this supposition of thought it may be true that removing our awareness from the time line can instantly remove problems. Why would this be so? Because if we look at what worries or concerns us it’s almost always obvious how much of what we deem as ‘a problem’ we are placing outside of the Now moment [the only moment that is]. Painful memories appear to reach out for us from the past [the past-Now]. Or we are resigned to what is perceived as the power of a future event [the future-Now] which we fear or believe is inevitable and possible.

This enters into the territory of The Law of Polarity. This is the interpretation of a universal function that invites us to make practical use of an awareness. One that reveals, among other things that, should we want to have or replace a certain experience we can indeed move into the new thing. This, by shifting and decreasing awareness from where we do not wish to be [internally or externally] to perceiving where we would like to find ourselves. We can replace undesired aspects of being with something we consciously choose [for the purposes of a specific intention] by moving into emotional-mental neutrality. Or by moving directly into the imaging/imagining of what it is we prefer. These two practices can also be combined. First by cultivating neutrality in mind and heart – and then, once there, moving into the positive or rather the polarity representing what it is we are wanting. There are techniques that can aid us in this work which will be discussed in a future posting.

But one way we can start is by ‘getting still’ with our own presence. Meaning, while breathing normally, comfortably and easily, sit or lie down and become as still as you can [except for the breathing] for 5 minutes. Do this, in a relaxed manner, for a week and you may find yourself wanting to add more time to this practice. It is one way we can help transport ourselves into a vibrational frequency that is sympathetic to the change we are wanting to know. This can contribute greatly to the start of removing our experiences from the time line. Because with an increased frequency signature comes a natural arising of the replacement of the old with the new [or reconfigured]. Sometimes in ways that appear to be miraculous – or in other words: in a fashion that has nothing to do with time and/or a linear or logical progression.

How can this be received as “instant?” It may first be experienced as a fresh feeling and/or the flow of thoughts that correspond to the intention we put forth. Sometimes it may present as a new staging that materializes quite quickly. A helpful point to remember may be that time is the Now stretched out in our awareness within the infinite construct of Mind. Anything we intend materializes instantly as a state of awareness somewhere in Consciousness. And we can move to it, this new state, similarly in mental concept to how we may move from The United States to Italy. We are capable of this via the recognition of a ‘real’ and ‘true’ experience by various means. Including but not limited to the inner action of ignoring what our senses many be telling us about the old or non-preferred state. And then remembering, in present time, that which we prefer. We can practice this exercise in any non-emergency situation for a few minutes or longer [in an emergency we will take the path of least resistance to remove ourselves]. Whatever feels right to us at the time.

The only thing between what we perceive as the division of us from our dreams is our beliefs and activity within the projection of time. Imagine removing this sheath of time [which many of us have believed is closer than our breath] and what does that feel like?

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Waiting For The Experience of Perfection

Whatever you do, don’t wait for life to seem perfect before following your bliss. There may be times that feel uninspired and that can make things difficult. However, even if we take only one or two baby steps in the direction of our dreams the uncertain-self will have much less control of our actions and choices. Eventually it will give up trying to run things and we are then that much closer to a more heavenly experience of life on the earth.

We have discussed concepts of time in Natural Time & The Nature Of Reality and other posts. Where we consider that we may discover new realities when choosing to redefine what time is. If all experiences – current and probable ones included – always occur in the Now & in all ways then ultimately the ‘when’ of our choosing to take an action or make a new decision does not have to be linear in logic. This doesn’t mean to ignore intuition or to spend all the money you are aware of having on shoes when the gas bill is due. But what it does mean is that even when there’s no end to suffering in obvious sight we can still do what may appear to be a very small thing which can lead to the ease of a next step and/or result in great change for the better.

We might take up a new meta-spiritual practice or begin reading a new book. When we do that it’s possible that even after only a few sentences or days of practicing a new technique that there would be enough of a code key activation to experience a whole new reality of being.

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