The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Silence Gives Birth To Sound

Silence gives birth to Sound – The Geometry and Divisions in Space give birth to Thought/Forms.

Whatever exists does so for the purpose of existing as what it is busy be-ing.

There is intention and and there is also the reason or cause of the intention in the heart and/or mind of the One-aspect-of-being-consciousness doing the intending…we can tell ourselves a story about the ‘why’ of events and experiences. And it would only ever be a story as we/human beings have the power to color our worlds with a brush stroke of personal and also what we believe is universal understanding….”Yes,” might be the only answer to every question. If this is true how or in what way will you form your question?


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What Is Thinking?

Thinking is imagining and life experiences are  Imagination crystallized. The invisible Substance-Light of all that is expands and lengthens to create the appearance of space and contracts to birth visible light into forms. The sense of time and transitions, these are also objects in Imagination. Electric records of unassociated Supreme Being-ness expressing Itself as patterned materializations, infinite beyond number. Everything happens at once, in the one and only eternal moment. A supra-temporal explosion of immaculate conceptualizing, stretched and threaded out for us within the thought of time. It further weaves together a blended idea of breadth, length and height, contrasting itself into a tapestry of illimitable creations.

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Abracadabra Part II

Abracadabra = Avrah KaDabra (Aramaic) = Aberah KeDaber (Hebrew)  = Ara Kara (Tamil) = I will create as I speak.


Part II

The Creator/the focuser and the focusing of Infinity entertains thoughts ‘inwardly’ and without end. The appearance of the same thoughts, all versions of them, are like the mirror dots reflected outwardly. The One Is-ness reflects itself
repeatedly, each thought-idea recorded in the appearance of senses, forms and feelings. No space or time to exist is
required because unassociated mind is the fulcrum of existence. It could be said, then, that all realities occupy the
same space-time locale but it’s just not always obvious.

Reflections can be reorganized, to create or re-focus Infinity in any fashion. In fact, it’s not even that the dots have to be reordered. Because everything is already eternally true. Possible because the No-thing in which everything lives is also true, allowing space within Imagining  for everything to be all at once. Time is only a facility or another concept for the allowance of change within the experience of maya or mind. Its companion is space and is the vehicle for the forms. Yet this explanation is only one possible system for understanding – it’s only a language of metaphors.

Only Consciousness – what one is conscious or aware of – is what tends to be changeful. Everything being eternally true all at once means it is really only ever the focus of a mind that changes, rather than Reality itself. We could say that refocusing the details of what we observe within Infinite Creation is a reality shift. All of it is present & available right now. We tend to only see what the mind makes real through the medium of attention. Time is not real as it is just another concept. This means that even when an event seems to occur before we ever think about it we cannot rely on the appearance of a chronological order of happenings.

It may be that no one person is dreams himself or his life experiences into being but rather is being dreamed instead. Imaginings within imaginings, each Is-ness aware in it’s own unique way. The Unseen, unsensed Real Reality in which everything expresses may be the only constant. It might be impossible to  define effectively in mental-verbal terms.

Whatever we think we experienced, good or bad, it happened and also did not happen. Because everything that ever was, is or will be exists as an idea outside of space-time. Where we think our focus was is what we think we remember. But every other possiblity is also equally true.  Due to all thoughts being equally weightless unless we experience and acknowledge a body/form for them and then call that body: Reality. Which is only another concept or misconception covering the only One thing that is real.

If it does not seem to come forth naturally, we can cultivate or realize the ability to see through the thoughts covering of whatever it is that we think we’re witnessing. Because everything we believe we are not aware of, everything we wish for, it is always hidden in the present moment of isness, a.k.a., The Presence. Each one of us, each human being is the experience of the Now moment, though only phenomenally.  It is the phenomenal world of thoughts that makes up the world – however we see it. The covering that lives on top of the Real Reality. Thinking is the same as Imagining.  The substance of or medium for thoughts can be called ‘mind.’ and it is invisible until it’s infinitesimally tiny ‘units’ are condensed into form(s).

Wisdom has often said that all true and authentic power exists within and resides in The Now or the current isness. Loving what always is – The Real Reality (which is never exclusive and therefore always all inclusive) is one of the many paths to paradise-on-earth.  It’s a kingdom or realm that  is always in our midst. And what we might call God or Supreme Being – a noun and a verb – can be the Self we love and know as our wonderful, the wonderful, phenomenally reporting  Imagination: Eternal, Intelligent, Invisible, Infinite.

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Abracadabra  – Avrah KaDabra (Aramaic) – Aberah KeDaber (Hebrew)  = I will create/creation as I speak.

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Even The Present Is Unreal

There might be no actuality of past, present or future. These ideas are relative – because a concept of ‘the present’ suggests there could be something other than itself. And that whatever the other thing might be, it would almost have to exist in a reality stream called, ‘time.’  It’s why blank-slate-time has nothing to do with chronology at all. There may only be a base form which could be called Is-ness or Presence resting on a screen of infinite, intelligent  fine space or invisible no-thing-ness.  The slightest impression of this, even if it appears to maintain itself for only 3 seconds shifts at first:  it can correct every-thing experienced via the electricity of the sense world, letting whatever seems to materialize be seen for what it is and what it is not.


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Implants: A Metaphor

All things may be thoughts – and all thoughts a form of an implant of sorts. Not done to or by anyone as much as simply existing or being  perceived by an observing intelligence. You, me or some seeming other one.

All contemplations and even experiences that appear to be happening in real time may be untrue memories.  This can include all experiences and forms of human-kind and relationships we share with those we seem to love. Perhaps even those we may appear to dislike or hate. We  may be God’s wonderful Imagination.

Perceptions which point to the perfection of  the Source of  The Creation and Creator may be  known as steps in the correction or re-balancing of the focusing and constant refocusing of Infinity.

This would not make thoughts bad or good and at one scale or more of understanding they might be entirely innocent. They can inspire us to consider that  nothing is true and also that everything is true.  And that all of the people and things we think we see exist as states along a continuum of  was-ness, is-ness and becoming (disassembled states of what is ultimately Holy or Whole).  Depending on where within the patterns of time and existence we freeze our awareness of the implosion of non-being  and simultaneous explosion of being.  So: depending on where our focusing is slowed down in time.  Deciding which thoughts to entertain or believe in may then become easier – paving the way to restoration of fractured Mind (which, by it’s nature of dividing ideas and creating forms,  it may embrace the concept of refraction by default).

Stopping or even just considering stopping a belief in everything we *think* can help to reorganize mental and emotional impressions. This allows Nature to easily reform a space in which miracles can materialize.

The online version of A Course in Miracles (free) offers-in the understanding that,

“The miracle is a learning device that lessens the need for time. It establishes an out-of-pattern time interval not under the usual laws of time. In this sense it is timeless. ”

And a  “…miracle is…at your immediate disposal for controlling time. Only revelation transcends it, having nothing to do with time at all”

Also that a miracle “…makes no distinction among degrees of misperception. It is a device for perception correction, effective quite apart from either the degree or the direction of the error. This is its true indiscriminateness…”

If time is only an imagined concept and optional facility for change then all ideas may be born out of a focusing of consciousness that believes in the reality of what are ultimately unsubstantial forms. Everything, then, uncovered as the artistry of infinite fine space filled in with dreams of actualities, frameworks and boundaries. When revealed lovingly by the Self as implants or errors in thinking  they can be efficiently and more effortlessly reordered in the form of new experiences of reality.


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Divisions in Space

Every source of information, we are dreaming it, as it is none other than Infinite Self or God playing divinely at being ‘the other.’

From the ‘singular’ and whole perspective of the Unmanifest, Intelligent All there can be no judgment or weight to any one thing or condition over another. Everything that gets pushed out from the Nothingness is only ever a potentially differentiated fractal within an infinite pattern of being/non-being. Which also, beyond that identity, is ‘something’ that is neither.

Infinite akasha or fine space allows for the gross space that all celestial bodies move within and that exists between all forms of being. Each construction is mental and can be known as the appearance of frameworks of space within space as ideas give birth to thoughts without end.

Such qualities point in the direction of the nature of the Self. It is both personal and impersonal but that does not mean It’s not loving each one of us at at every moment – because, as James of The Wingmakers reminds us, our Creator is and always has been “benevolent and all wise.”

The internet is already made and now: where does it begin or end? What about the world or a physical human body? Does Imagination terminate or have a beginning in time or space?

Within the Infinite Pattern of Being all boundaries of form, at microscopic levels, seem to be untrue and unreal.  Atoms beget other atoms and before this appear only as geometrical and multidimensional divisions within and containing infinitely infinitesimal amounts of space. What is it that decides how we perceive these divisions as we move up the scale of familiar forms of what may look like differences within a reality, within a world?

As the sum of time and space, the  location of a condition or a thing  may be irrelevant if infinite creation exists at and also within every coordinate point of awareness, every center of experience (every person, every tree and atom…).

The Principle of Polarity offers that what appear to be opposites are only different degrees of the same thing. If this is also true of the multiplicity of all realized things then every particle-form occupies the ‘same space’ as all other versions of itself – which means it may be nowhere and everywhere all at the same ‘time.’  Only our awareness of light angles and rates of oscillation and spin ever changes – and this shifts our perception of the nature and quality of forms: the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of days, relationships, communications, automobile traffic flows, weather, money and consumer credit flow, human body shape and health, etc….In other words:  the information our inner senses discern from within the  Dimensionally Larger Inner World (Infinite Creation)  – which then get pushed out as ‘the world,’ masquerading as reality.

Considering the Principle of Vibration may additionally be helpful when intending a revised version of the individuated self-identity and world. Various and interesting constructs of mind help to explain how this might work.

Knowing that the frequency locales of all people, animals, relationships (and of every conceptualized thing) are non-local may mean that in every place we look exists the organizing principle for what?:  the availability of  forms we can actively choose to see as having materialized.  There is no such thing as objective time – but if there were we could say that what we see, at any point, it can only ever be the ‘past.’   Manifestation is then unveiled as being only the crystallization of what already exists within The Creator/Creation – the focusing of Infinity – within the version of the world we have believed in but are not limited to.

There would then be no need to attract or create realities. Understanding that there is already more than one of everything can mean tuning into (believing in) a preferred version of an experience is a much easier practice – as Neville Goddard promises us via his many treatises on the nature of being.


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Waiting For The Experience of Perfection

Whatever you do, don’t wait for life to seem perfect before following your bliss. There may be times that feel uninspired and that can make things difficult. However, even if we take only one or two baby steps in the direction of our dreams the uncertain-self will have much less control of our actions and choices. Eventually it will give up trying to run things and we are then that much closer to a more heavenly experience of life on the earth.

We have discussed concepts of time in Natural Time & The Nature Of Reality and other posts. Where we consider that we may discover new realities when choosing to redefine what time is. If all experiences – current and probable ones included – always occur in the Now & in all ways then ultimately the ‘when’ of our choosing to take an action or make a new decision does not have to be linear in logic. This doesn’t mean to ignore intuition or to spend all the money you are aware of having on shoes when the gas bill is due. But what it does mean is that even when there’s no end to suffering in obvious sight we can still do what may appear to be a very small thing which can lead to the ease of a next step and/or result in great change for the better.

We might take up a new meta-spiritual practice or begin reading a new book. When we do that it’s possible that even after only a few sentences or days of practicing a new technique that there would be enough of a code key activation to experience a whole new reality of being.

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