The Secret To Life (one of them anyway!) Within The Great Dreaming Mind Is The Principle Of Thought. It is a magnetic link for all experiences in Our immediate personal worlds and In the Awareness beyond……………… (c) 2007 – 2011

Science of Light – Phosphenism – Sungazing


Page Under Construction – Please check back soon for additional links…

A Resource Page for Information About the Sciences of Light – including Phosphenism & Sungazing




















An Overview of Sungazing Websites:

Vinny Pinto’s Sungazing Info & Resource Website:

“Eat The Sun” documentary movie:

Mason Dwinell’s website:

HRM Sungazing Website:

Adaptation of a lecture given by Hira Ratan Manek (HRM):

A Blog Page About Sungazing:

Sungazing @ the Earth Clinic Folk Remedies Website:

Website Page About Sungazing:

Book on Sungazing:


The Walter Russell & Lao Russell Webring Page:



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