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Tia’s Star Case & The Braco-Ivica Golden Sun ¨`’°ºOו´¯`•

I first saw The Braco-Ivica Golden Sun when I came across an image of it on one of the Braco information websites. My reaction?:

Wow! 🙂

I was beside myself for two reasons:

1. It was familiar.

2. It was the second time in my life I had seen something like it that elicited the same response of familiarity.

The first instance happened while I was viewing a 1975 movie called, Escape to Witch Mountain.  I was nearly 8 years old by then and after seeing this film my frame of reference for living was never quite the same. This was ultimately for the better, I believe.  Because it showed that seemingly ordinary children in obscured, difficult situations (children I identified with) could have extraordinary experiences and unexpected, delightful outcomes.

Witch Mountain is a story about an orphaned brother and sister – Tony and Tia – who have unusual powers (telekinesis, telepathy…). Their origins are, of course, a mystery. Tia offers hazy memories of what appears to be a large scale event. A massive accident, of an undetermined nature, which leaves many people stranded in a nebulous ocean environment. One of the few clues remaining about where they are from is Tia’s star case purse.

The hand-sized, metal mini-box, displayed a celestial artwork. It modeled a golden, binary star system resting on a flat, square sea of cerulean blue sky. I couldn’t have explained why – but the first time I saw it I was certain:  magic didn’t live only in books or limited imaginations. It was something real and it existed everywhere.

The door to things mystical and esoteric was opened, part way, when I was fairly young. Before Tony and Tia but after the requisite introduction to fairy tales and the like, a handful of anomalous events left me wondering about the actual nature of life.  Both pre – and most markedly – post Tony and Tia I had access to many books – at home and also in other people’s homes.  Advanced reading skills left me bored with, not all, but much of the children’s section at libraries. I tended towards a preference for more weighted reading. I liked biographies and novels.  I also consumed pages of texts that told of long-time world mysteries and writings that revealed basic explanations of various transcendental concepts. I watched weekly episodes of, “In Search of…” with my father.  “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle was (and remains) a favorite story.

Escape to Witch Mountain may have only added fuel to an already kindled fire. It certainly encouraged wild, divine sparks of what seemed to be time-free remembering:  the real reality was something altogether different than what the phenomenal world had to offer – it was what lay hidden behind all diverse and marvelous creations…I did not have those words for it when I was 8. But I felt it was true –  and by the time I found myself in high school I had seen the Witch Mountain movie at least 3 times.

What a treat it was to find clean and clear still images of Tia’s star case purse on the following pages!:


sourced here:


sourced here:

I very much look forward to understanding more about the Braco-Ivica symbol of the Golden Sun. It shines brilliantly and seems to be a metaphor,  full of information that can’t wait to be told. Simultaneously,  there is something else about this sun that feels very much like a welcoming, celebration home….

Braco Links:

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HeavenKnows with Mary Soleil

June 30, 2010 archives – Laya Stettler and Susanne Peach will join host Mary Soliel in a discussion of personal Braco gazing experiences.

It’s Your Day with Laurie Day @ Contact Talk Radio

May 17, 2010 archives -Laurie Day interviews Jane Sibbett about Braco:

April 5, 2010 archives – Laurie Day interviews Angelika Whitecliffe about Braco:

As You Wish Talk Radio

A Conversation about Braco with Angelika Whitecliffe & James Gilliland – March 3, 2010


The synopsis and other information for Escape to Witch Mountain can be found @ the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB). The sequel, Return from Witch Mountain was released in 1978.  The story was re-imagined in the 2009 film, Race To Witch Mountain, starring Dwayne [The Rock] Johnson.


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